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  1. on the inside flap on mine it reads: RUCKSACK LIGHTWEIGHT DSA 100-71-C-0128 8465-782-3248 ECT CORPORATION my guess using the sticky note is 1971 contract no date on instructions don't know if this will help or not, but maybe if you can match some of the ink stamp up maybe give you a little ideal.
  2. mpguy 80/08 i see what you mean about the academy m551 sheridan it does look alot better then the tamiya one pluse it has most of the mod's done for vietnam era. as far as the close breech gun tube it doesn't look like jordi rubio makes one. on a side note while searching for m551 sheridan's, youtube had a training video that showed how to use all the weapons systems on the sheridan that is worth watching.
  3. i picked up the tamiya m551 sheridan model, and the book m551 sheridan in action by david doyle the other day at the hobby shop. plan on building a vietnam era m551 sheridan, but after reading the book had a few questions. on page 14 it shows an (early) m551 w/ open breech scavenger gun tube (the same gun tube the tamiya model has), and a (vietnam) m551 closed breech scavenger gun tube. most of the pictures in the book showing m551 in vietnam is of the closed breech gun. my question is are the the same gun tube w/ one opean, and the other closed, or is it two different gun tubes? if it's two different gun tubes does any one make a closed gun tube, or will i need to scratch build one, and if have to scratch build any ideals how to build it. another question on the armor shields for the 50cal, i know tamiya has some thing similar on their m113 acav, but does anyone know if some one sell's an aftermarket kit of just the armor shield, or will they need to be scratch built also? any other hints on building the m551 sheridan would be helpful.
  4. where the m1938 shotgun shell pouches made between 1942-1945 followed by a break, and then production started back up in 1968? i have seen a 1968 dated shell pouch, and alot of 1969 dated ones. are there any produced between 1946-1967?
  5. think i understand: your saying the smith and wesson .38 revolver never left the service after wwii. what had me confused is i didn't see it in the 1960 field manual and there it is in the 1971 field manual and the operators manual (should point out the copy i have is a reprint) tm9-1005-206-14 p/1 1971 does not state this manual supersedes any thing. i had heard stories of pilots carrying them in vietnam i had assumed (and we know what that makes me)that the victory was a stop gap that ended at the end of wwii, and i was wondering if what they said was tru, or if they just got the model wrong because they had more inportant things to worry about (like staying alive)then what make and model their revolver was. had also thought maybe the model 10 didn't enter service until 1971 based on the fm, and tm manuals.
  6. field manual 23-35 (1960) covers colt detective and m1911a1, field manual 23-35 (1971) covers colt detective, s&w, and m1911a1. my question is when did the s&w model 10 non victory enter service? should add enter service in us army.
  7. thanks i've got the info from army radio sales about rebuilding the ba-279 battery, and the connector is in good shape so not a total lost just the box is bad.
  8. i just got a an/prc-10 radio and in the battery box was a battery wrapped in plastic. it leaking and has a 79 date. took my time removed the plastic took the battery out and it fell apart. insides just slid right out. the cardboard is wet, wrinkly, musty smelling you get the picture. any ways i had planned on rebuilding the battery ,but im not forsure the box can be saved. (did a search didn't see anything) any ideals on how to save old cardboard boxes?
  9. nothing yet ,but looking into a nfa trust i've learned alot since my first post about 40mm ,and would like to thank the good people on this forum for all their help.
  10. so the kings arms looks and feels real how does it shoot? does it kinda of thump or not so? 100 meters seem real good for range! another reason was leaning towards the airsoft is if did have real one would probably only shoot chalk rounds and with airsoft over dummy you could still shoot just 100 meter instead of 350 meters
  11. disclaimer: i'm thinking of getting a king arms(airsoft) m79 grenade launcher so this is more about justifing what i want. so i want an m79 grenade launcher and after looking around i've come up with four options. 1. 40mm pros; real deal not a copy cons; price, having to deal with atf, not having a place to shoot it (gun club said NO!!) ammo hard to find, tax on ammo? (do you have to pay a tax for chalk rounds?) on gunbroker they have or had one for 8500.00 not counting tax, shipping, dealer fee, lawer fee,etc 2. 37mm pros; close to real one, title 1 firearm cons; 37mm (my opion only) kinda of seems like you could get in trouble with law easy if you make the wrong "flare", you can only make flares ,and in kansas not many safe places to shoot during dry summer. price is little high for me. mr 40mm has reciever for 3500.00 and 37mm barrel for 600.00 3. dummy pros; would look like readl deal, may be made from real parts, price cons; not much you can do with except display, not for sure dummy guns are leagal in kansas vietnamguns has a movie prop gun for 398.00 did google search and did not find any dummy m79 grenade launchers made from parts kits 4. airsoft pros; price, they look real with wood stock cons; (have not seen one except online) feel may feel like toy, just able to shoot nerf ,or airsoft bb's some airsoft store had one for 269.00 that's it the reason im thinking airsoft is i just want it for display ,and maybe the cool factor. would love to have a dd real one but can not aford it ,and if i was going to go nfa would probably do an m60 or m3a1 over m79 i also understand those who collect world war two or earlier firearms and belive if its not usgi issued it's not worth collecting, but for those of us who like more modern military firearms it's hard or impossable to collect real usgi firearms. mods if in wrong forum please move.
  12. was looking at omaha's surplus and they have a manual fm21-76 survival evasion and escape 1968 reprinted in 1983 thet say it's an orginal copy i guess in second printing. my question is i see a 1970 version of this manual all the time and some dealers say it's original too, so who's right and how do you tell an original fm21-76 from a reprint.
  13. thank you, i knew there was some paper work other then it not having inport marks for it to be a true bring back rifle. finding a rifle that was in vietnam seems hard to do.
  14. i was looking at a chinese type 53 rifle. the guy said he had brought it back from vietnam my question is what does the paper work look like and what would he have to prove he brought the rifle back from vietnam. i know this is a us militaria forum so only interested in the paper work for bring back weapons.
  15. in field manual 23-35 both 1960 and 1971 in authorized ammuntion for .38 revolvers the only 130 grain bullet is a short colt round and it says nothing about the m41 special round is that why you called it an usaf round and did the army issue m41 ball
  16. in field manual 21-15 dated august 1972 in chapter 5 it just shows the m56 sleeping bag straps and m56 suspenders and says nothing about the m67 sleeping carrier. do you need the m67 suspenders to use the m67 sleeping carrier? as a side note i read (on the internet) that someones third cousin who knew a guy who walked by supply said: that the m67 sleeping carriers didn't get into supply until after alice came out and with the alice packs you didn't need the m67 carrier and that's why you see so many nos m67 sleeping equipment carriers on the surplus market. i wouldn't belive that for a second.
  17. using tm10-276 dated august 1970 in appendix b it states: belt individual equipment:nylon webbing od army shade 7 carrier intrenching tool:webbing olive drab mrwr carrier sleeping equipment:og 106 case field:first aid dressing unmounted magnetic compass od cotton case small arms ammuntion:od 7 m16 rifle 4-20 round mag. cover water canteen:webbing od 7 mrwr field pack canvas cotton: combat suspenders field pack: h-type regular cotton long cotton extra long cotton if you look at the appendix it shows the: m56 suspenders, m61 field pack,and m56 first aid pouch (all of wich are cotton) what's this mean to a guy who want's to collect a set of m67 web gear nothing, but if you are wondering what was used in vietnam this might help. all of this means nothing and just my 2 cents so please don't get mad at me just pointing out something
  18. i see every one calls these knifes "jet pilot knife", i all ways though these where called "air force survival knife" is air force survival knife just a made up civilan name for these, because thats what i've been calling em since the mid 80's guess should start calling em by their correct name.
  19. can you id a vietnam usaf survival knife sheath if it has no metal tip and the snaps are marked "rau f co prov ri" the knife itself is marked camillus 75. he said the sheath is a replacement sheath but belives it to be usgi. i just won the auction so don't have the knife yet. when did they go to the metal tip sheath?
  20. scooter, did you learn anything after you bought that you would want to pass on to a first time buyer?
  21. the original sling issued with the m4 was sling,small arms, carbine 1005-01-368-9852 it's a longer version of the "silent" sling however now they are using alot of slings from blackhawk, eagle and other companies all claiming a sling "that is used by the miliatry" as far as retro goes a cotton m1 sling is what i have on my xm16e1 clone.
  22. 45b20, does the "12" manual say anything about a bayonet because tm9-1005-249-12 1968 for m16a1 in its appendix b section2 basic issued items list it does not have a bayonet listed or the bipod either however in the description and data section in chapter 1 it list the bayonet and bipod. the 1969 "12" manual does it only cover the m1 and m2 carbine not the m1a1 or m3? and i know it been soo long but do you remember if the 63"12" manual just covered the m1 and m2 all so or did it have the m1a1? last the 69 dated "12" manual does it have any referance to the flash hider or muzzle break at all? blair217, good job on your find i've been keeping an eye opean for one of the "12" manuals for six months and haven't had any luck so far.
  23. i was in the marine corps between 1990- 1994 and we never had rank insignia on our covers
  24. is there a 1969 m1 carbine operator's tm? if so can some one post what manual this superseeds and the basic issued iteam list from the manual. i'm looking for what would be issued with the m1 carbine during the vietnam war. have an ideal what goes with an m1 carbine during world war two and korea ,but wanted to see if they changed anything during vietnam. understand the m1 carbine were not issued very much if any during vietnam and what the book say should be issued with the rifle was not allways issued, but still would like to see basic issued iteams list from 1969 manual if anyone has a copy.
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