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  1. Sorry Donald, just saw this post.
  2. Like many, I use an Excel spreadsheet. I also put item #'s with each item in the spreadsheet and then photograph the item with the item # as part of the picture file name. Good descriptions and numbered items/pictures really help me keep track of things. Just make sure to keep a backup copy of your files in the cloud or on a thumb drive kept in a fire safe.
  3. Thanks Daniel. I love my uniforms and visors from this era, but the knots/paddles are still the most enticing things for me. My focus keeps drifting to them over anything else.
  4. The boxes are definitely the perfect size for them.
  5. Back in 2013 I had a house fire that devastated my collection. Since then, I've rebuilt my early-American collection and have continued to enjoy the hobby. The big difference now is that there are four different sized fire safes in the house to protect critical items. I have one safe in my office that is designated for some of my favorite or harder-to-find items in the event of tornado alerts or other things. When we have a severe weather warning, I bundle up these items and place them in the safe until things have cleared up. In doing this, I discovered a really neat use of the cigar boxes a good friend of mine gave me. They hold the items really well and allow me to stack them inside the safe. Just thought I would share the idea with everyone. Ken
  6. Added an early set of the blue wool paddles for the 1st Inf Regt. Now I have a nice matched set for this regiment.
  7. Just picked up an early set of paddles in blue for the 1st Inf Regt. Now I have matching sets for this regiment.
  8. I'm slowly building up my early American headgear and shoulder knot display with two recent additions of a visor and a set of knots. I obviously have a passion for those early knots! Hope you enjoy.
  9. Amazing item Kevin! The possibility of that rare item just around the corner has always kept this hobby so exciting for me. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks everyone! I received his service records, etc. He was awarded a DFC with one gold star and AM with four gold stars for service in WWII and Korea.
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