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  1. Here is a link to an electronic version of the program (less the fold out regional map). https://archive.org/stream/officialsouvenir01chat?ref=ol
  2. The Civil War battlefield of Chickamauga was used as a training camp during the Span Am period. Here are a few items I have collected in relation to the battlefield's use as a training camp.
  3. Kevin, I had noticed the difference as well. It would be great to find the badge committee information with the design specs to see who was in error. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. In 1913, the G.A.R. held a national encampment in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN. This was only one of two times that they met south of the Mason-Dixon line. From my collection, an original program, veteran's delegate badge, and Women's Relief Corp badge from the event. Enjoy! Ken
  5. That is very helpful. Thanks Friar!
  6. Hi everyone! I was given this insignia by a friend of mine, however, I'm not evenly remotely familiar with USAF insignia. Obviously, I know who the pararescue guys were, but not really sure of the other insignia. Wings are marked sterling. Also, any thoughts on them regarding general era, etc would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Ken
  7. I really love these badges. Of course, being a Southern boy makes these more appealing I guess.
  8. ken1967

    3ID SSI

    I was digging through my stored items and came across some of my 3rd Inf Div SSI I used to collect. I pulled some samples of various types that I had in the collection for a group picture. These were a lot of fun to collect. A lot of the difference are in the construction, border edging, backs, etc. These cover WWI through OIF with some IR versions at the end and include production and theatre made versions. I stopped collected 3ID in 2014. Enjoy!
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