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  1. Here is my offering, a very salty one, found in a small Alsace village in the early 80’s.
  2. That’s a great looking helmet, hope you can find out more and he is a ranger
  3. Great pickup, I missed this one, looks like a very nice piece
  4. It looks like bit like a rudimentry 36th “Texas’ infantry division
  5. Nice, the 6th ID is not a unit you see many marked helmets for, super rare and a camo!
  6. Great helmet, who said you can’t pickup barn found helmets anymore!
  7. I’m not sure if the clover matches the condition of the rest of it, I think some close ups would be needed of the markings for a better judgment
  8. You hit the jackpot alright, an absolute gem!
  9. It’s too short for a laundry number so possibly G company, 151st combat engineer battalion, or maybe there were some other 151st designations at Korea
  10. Stunner, has it got a liner ?
  11. I thought the same thing, thought i missed an airborne marking or something
  12. That's a great piece, like it a lot!
  13. Great looking one, hope you track down you're man
  14. Awesome marked helmet, haven't seen a lot of 45th's that aren't post war decals
  15. Possible French forces? Their M1's had anchors on the front to some
  16. It's a nice looking looking helmet and ID but the BIN price is way over the top
  17. Pretty sure it's a battalion marking from the 87th 'Acorn' Division. They had a lot of similar ones, all small weird yellow shapes. Nice liner too!
  18. In my humble opinion I actually think the marking and overall looks good. The liner clearly not original to the shell just looks like different amount of wear. I have seen others where the paint lifts like this I think from damp conditions.
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