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    Militaria related to Hawaii: From Hawaiian Kingdom times to present day. Also WW2 US shoulder sleeve patches, especially variations like greenbacks. World navy cap tallies. correspondent. tank destroyer. 442nd RCT. French Foreign Legion. Colonial Imperial German items.

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  1. Are the letters red or brown? If they are brown maybe something to do with Transportation Corps?
  2. Couldn't find a picture of YMS 177 but she must have looked like this.
  3. Yes, the majority of these are modern merrowed edge. The WW1 V Corps (black disc with a V) looks like a Patch King repro, The Londonderry (shamrock) looks like a repro. III Marine Air Wing is cut edge but looks like post war or maybe more modern. A few of them though appear to be made out of cotton and are probably from the 1940s. Those would be: First photo: 1st Marine Air Wing and the 3rd Marine Division. Second photo: V Corps (alligator) and likely the II Corps (dragon) and the FMF Pac HQ. Jon.
  4. Eric, So sorry to hear about your dad's passing. Sounds like you were lucky in the father you got and he was lucky in the son he had. My dad was a Navy destroyer vet from WW2. He passed away 20 years ago but I still think of him a lot and miss him. I'm sure the good memories of your dad will be a big part of your life. God bless, Jon.
  5. Anybody have an ASMIC charge list handy? I can't find mine, it's in the garage somewhere. It was printed in the 1980s. I think they made an updated one later. It's great for finding DIs with no motto. Jon.
  6. Yes, kind of... You can't go too wrong collecting with those two guidelines but also don't pay too much for patches based on those guidelines. There are a lot of variables.Do research. Find out. Be patient. I'm sure this topic has been covered in finite detail in a previous thread, I just couldn't find it. I'm sure someone on this site will find it and paste a link shortly. Good luck and welcome to patch collecting! It's fun and very rewarding. Jon.
  7. Chris, You nailed it. In this day & age we forget about mundane things such as lanterns needing fuel. Jon.
  8. I think he was itching to get some attention.
  9. Interesting thread. I wonder what those markings are on the last picture above, they look like kill markings like you see on the sides of fighter planes. Must be missions or saves? They almost look like German crosses. I found this matchbook from Herreshoff. Herreshoff is/was a famous yacht design company. Jon.
  10. Yes, it reminds me of Police motorcycles. Maybe 5th Infantry Division had fancy motorcycle MP patches?
  11. Seeadler is German for sea eagle. I don't know what this patch is from though. There was a famous German Navy surface raider from WW1 named the Seeadler. I'm certain this isn't from that ship or era but perhaps some much more recent group used the cachet name of the old raider?
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