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  1. Looks like somebody ruined it with a bench grinder.
  2. For what it took to bring it all together, without the benefit of computers and modern advancements, in it's time I'd have to say The Longest Day.
  3. Lloyd Bridges you've come back to us!!!
  4. How bout the one in clear plastic where all the internals can be viewed. I don't even know if it's still available.
  5. I found out one time that you have to pay close attention when listing. I was going thru the listing process for about 5 items and when I finished one of them was a Buy It Now. I went back and saw it had flipped on me and I clicked on the wrong thing, since the auctions weren't scheduled to start yet I scrapped that one and re-did it. Now I take my time and read every step I go thru.
  6. 2 out of my 5 uncles who were in WW2 said the bombardments in the original All Quiet On The Western Front were the most realistic they'd ever seen.
  7. You're to old when they close the lid and start shoveling the dirt.
  8. A knife for sale with a hand attached. First one I've seen.
  9. It'd be good for all those that ask about USMC helmet covers being good or not.
  10. He might get some takers if he'd just do some basic size measurements like the guy ask in the question.
  11. I had it happen to a pair of those Polaroid grey rubber frame goggles displayed on a tanker helmet.
  12. I remember when we talked about this guy before.
  13. Take a trip to a good used book store and see if they still might have some of the old Ballantine, Dell and a few other publishers paperbacks from the 50s,60s,and 70s. Stuff that was written while it was still fresh on the mind. I've still got most of the one's I read and you'd be hardpressed to find better first person accounts.
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