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    History, military medicine history, medical Corps uniforms and equipment (all over the world), music, cinema, good food and good wine..... and that includes good whiskeys too!
  1. A great man and a great soldier. He's in our prayers
  2. Nice finding! Can you read the producer logo or name on the face piece?
  3. Thanks a lot! A welcome is always.... welcome :-)
  4. Good evening Gentlemen. I need help to identify the producer of two M3 masks I have in my collection. I'll be more than grateful for help. Greetings Max
  5. Truly a nice find. I've more than 200 NBC items in my collection but this is the dream of a life! :-)
  6. I did receive it this morning and I'm impressed. A truly terrific and useful book. Sgt Monroe and Mr. Pickrall..... thanks for your contribution: you gentlemen did a great job!
  7. Thanks Patches! I make a note of that. Learning keeps people young ;-)
  8. This is my first "operational" post so I beg your pardon in advance if I do mistakes :-) Here a close up view of my M-1917 first aid packet. A question: is M-1917 an "official" denomination? I heard of two patterns that are mainly identifiable by the shape of the pull ring. Am I right? Was this type of F.A. Packet distributed till it was superseded by M-1924 one? I'm eager to learn.....
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