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  1. Can't make that out, but then my eyes are giving me a hard time lately :-/
  2. Thanks Kurt - I will ask them about that next time I go there. Will be next year probably, as I live in Europe so it's not arount the corner ;-) Bit this helps.
  3. Hi all, this is probably not the forum to post this questtion, but I am kinda stuck here. I am writing a book on some WW2 letters. They of course have censor's stamps and names. I was wondering if there was a register connecting the censoring officers to certain stamps. I didn't get lucky in the internet. So I figured one of you specialists might know. Thanking you in advance for all your kind replies, and wishing you all a great day!
  4. Hi, thanks for you replies. First I am sorry I did not post through the forum message system - and thanks for posting the images @tarbridge​. I used No_outside_hosting before but that does not work anymore. Thought a link was allowed, too. I am sorry an will keep this in mind for the future. Thanks for giving your opinion @Allan​. I appreciate your expertise on this matter. I am trying to distinguish the good from the 'bad and the ugly' ;-) Judging from the picture alone, I noticed that the back weave in the patch was different from the tab. Besides, the tab is a fraction wider, it seems..
  5. Hi, what do you think of this greenback 101st AB white tongue with tab? Looks good to me. Any considerations? Best wishes and thanks to you all! Here's a link to my Evernote note with the pictures, as I have no other way of sharing them at this time :-/
  6. I know more on this guy, as I did some research on him. He was killed in a car accident shortly after he was discharged.
  7. Hi, is this photo dated? How can you tell it is post WW2? Would love to use it on my 94th Infantry Division page if you would allow me (and send me a digital copy). Thanks
  8. I read this thread with much interest as I was lucky enough to stumble upon an ONEIDA LTD M1 bayonet today at a collector's fair. Paid 90 euros, which is about USD $ 100,= . So, considering this thread is a couple of years old, I did a good deal. Was looking for an M1 bayonet and knew what to look for in general, but is was only after I bought it that I learned of the scarcety of this particular producer. Thanks to the excellent reference in this thread and Bayonetman's superbly documented website! Will try to post a couple of pics.
  9. Hi all, I am very interested in the text in this particular post on the 94th ikes with leadership tabs, as I have an exact version of a leadership-tabbed 94th / 3rd Army ike. So I would like to compare them in some detail. But somehow the link does not permit me to view this content? Perhaps the link is broken? Or has something else happened? Perhaps a mod can be of assistance? Thanks, all the best!
  10. Hi all, I have a picture of a 94th ID Cpl. with BS medal bar / ribbon + another ribbon bar + CIB. The CIB has strange proportions on photo, when compared to ribbon bar. Could it be theater made?? Picture was taken 6-4-1945. Anyone have a comparabele CIB in their collection? Thanks a lot!!
  11. Hi guys, great thread - I think it's something to place under the SSI reference section? Cheers!
  12. Hi Mark, thanks for your reply. I'll see if I can find the Section I AR somewhere, but this is good enough for now. Cheers!
  13. Hi all, I am doing some research on a 94th vet from the 302nd Inf. His discharge papers say he was discharged from Welch Convalescent Hospital Daytona Florida on 19 Sep 45. Reason and authority for separation is: "Certificate of Disability for Discharge Section I AR 615-361 4 Nov 44 and 1st indorsement Welch Convalescent Hospital Daytona Fla 17 Sep 45" I do not know if it is "1st" of "lst" because in the typewriter types the number '1' exactly like the letter 'l'. So could be 'l(a)st' also? Does anyone know which one it is? Anyway: I am trying to find a copy of the text of Section I AR 615
  14. Nice topic and surely a nice collection. Would it be possible to create a time-line on different types of OS-cap patches like these? Was looking through the Trading post, but found very little on this subject (of course, as an online member I do not have all the issues available). For example: in the above pictures I see the FE light-blue-bordered, dark-blue background, white para/glider patch. I have the same, but on cotton/twill with a gauze backing. I also have a variation that has only the glider in it. Are these variants were the color of the border indicated if it was inafantry of artill
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