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  1. I've had this photograph for quite sometime but I don't think I've ever shown it. It is a nice portrait photograph of a soldier wearing an Advance Section patch with a discharge? chevron and a service chevron. They are hard to see from the photos I took but they are much more visible in person. Not sure what ribbon he is wearing though. Unfortunately the glass cover was not with the photograph when I picked it up.
  2. Thanks for this additional information. I was doing some digging around and it looks like someone has his complete ribbons with his Air Medal. Maybe a possible reunion in the future? His other items: http://www.ww1collector.com/Details/Macauly-Robert-J.html
  3. Thanks for the reply. Upon looking at it more I believe it is Macauley as you say. Searching for Macauley does yield some results of Lt. Col. Robert J Macauley. I was able to find his enlistment record and obituary. According to his obituary during WW2 Macauley flew B 17s and was a 20+ career airman having settled in Kansas City, MO where I currently live and found the uniform. He passed away in 2001. Research is still ongoing and I thank you for reading the name in a way that makes more sense than how I was seeing it.
  4. Picked this up today while out on my vacation for a price I couldn't say no to. The uniform is named R.J. Maeavley but I cannot seem to find any information on that name yet. The wing is marked N.S. Meyer with shield and 9M raised. There are 3 single row N.S. Meyer bars, which I believe are out of order. Hopefully I can find some information about the wearer.
  5. Small grouping I picked up today to Sgt William (Bill) Moreland, 745th Tank Battalion. The tiny lapel? is marked 10k Sterling.
  6. Army Commendation Medal to Frederick F. Frey. I acquired this as part of a group of medals / insignia a while back when I was younger. The original shadow box it was in was falling apart so I have put it into another case. As I've researched this individual I believe I have run into an issue. This group contains Frey's Commendation medal along with an American Campaign medal, Asiatic-Pacific medal, National Defense, and unnamed Good Conduct medal. So far I have only found 1 Frederick F Frey and his enlistment shows October 1945. With such a late enlistment I wouldn't think he could get e
  7. Looking for help in iding the ribbon bar on my grandfathers uniform. His records were destroyed in the Archives fire of 1973 and all we have is a photo album. This is the best picture I could get at the time. My grandfather served in WW2 from 1942-1945 with the 800th MP Battalion and reenlisted from 1951-1953 with the 407th Combat Engineer Battalion. During his second enlistment he was stationed in Germany. The picture is from 1952. Any help is greatly appreciated. If this is in the wrong place please delete or move.
  8. Rank (Shopkeeper First Class)
  9. Acquired this uniform a few days ago. Came with two pages of research showing that Shopkeeper First Class James D. Newton served on LSM-81 from 1944-1946. Uniform
  10. Just picked this up and would like some information about the uniform. I believe that it is a West Point uniform, but I don't know for sure. Any information would help! Thanks, Justin
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