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  1. Apparently I hit my message limit for 24 hours. Contact me at garczynski13@Gmail.com. Apparently I sent to many messages to you. 


  2. About the Red Paint on the front of liner: When I went through Edson Range back in '84, (or boot camp for that matter) if you were overweight and were on a forced diet, you had a red tag around your name badge that hung from a button on the upper pocket of your cammies. Recruits with red were called "Diet Privates". The red on your tag signaled to the recruits serving chow in the chow hall, that they couldn't give you certain foods - desserts, etc. Hence, the "forced diet". We didn't wear helmet liners while at the range though... so, if anything, this liner may be from an earlier tim
  3. Sully - Mine is the exact cut as yours - the two Velcro's (one above the pocket, the other at the chest) along with the two vertical zippered pockets. It's a huge jacket too. Dude must of been about 6'3' and weighed in at 270. I'll check out the website and see if I can nail down which country.... Again fellas, thanks for the comments and help.
  4. Excellent.... Thanks! I'll do some quick searches now that I have something to go on.... French, African, etc...
  5. Thanks for the fast replies.... mucho appreciated! Any idea on era?
  6. I found this today at the local Goodwill.. Cheap too. It's a really large size but I'm having trouble trying to ID it. The tag that was sewn up near the collar has been torn out and there are no stampings inside... Ideas? Thanks in advance....
  7. Thanks for looking and checking into it for me.... Too bad it can't be traced. It's a cool medal none the less....
  8. Thanks for looking at the post.... This is way out of my realm of collecting and I ventured into new territory - However, the price at the second hand shop was too good to resist ($7.99 + tax). The medal says Spanish Campaign and is numbered 5782. I used a flash with the camera so the ribbon looks really bright. In reality, the yellow is much more dull and has a dirtier tint to it although I'm assuming It was replaced at some point. Any chance of finding out who this was issued to? Thanks in advance....
  9. Do you happen to have a link for the casualty card request? I've been surfing through the HQMC website and can't find anything. I'd sure appreciate the help! Thanks in advance....
  10. Hi Owen.... Correct. You nailed it. Thanks again.
  11. That sure does.... thanks for that. I dig the green in these shirts/pants too. They've got an almost brilliant lime green. I thought they would of been later war stuff just because of the thinness of the buttons. I'll have to dig it out, but I have a pair of pants with these thin lime buttons and the side leg pockets have a slight pleat near the top. under the flap. First time I'd ever seem anything like it...
  12. Those are very cool plates..... thanks for sharing.
  13. Yes... agreed with the others here. Very nice flags - it's a shame Korean War stuff doesn't have the same draw as WW2 or Vietnam. Thanks for sharing them.
  14. Ha Ha! That's awesome! I'm laughing here at my desk after reading that and the people around me are all, "what's so funny....?" If they only knew.
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