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  1. Hi, great diarama with really good details i can see the work that has gone into putting this together, even down to what looks like the guy loading his BAR with a mag. I have been to all the beaches in Normandy and also collected a few pieces for my collection right down to a small amount of sand from each beach, You have depicted this very well. Dave.
  2. Hi, Excellent work very well detailed, i watch a documentary recently that showed 25 DD tanks in the sea off the beaches of Normandy they were put off the U.S boats and sank soon after as they were to far out to sea to make any headway. The British launch theres further in and more made it to shore. Dave.
  3. Hi, My ancester Cpl Albert Pendrill 14th N.Y.S.M wore a red kepi but a little different than that one, he was killed at Little Round Top Gettysburg. Dave.
  4. Hi Lars, Waiting to see the finished diarama you are making your details are great and it will be a good model at the end, I actually have digging rights in the field that was the U.S, army camp for the 2nd Rangers in w.w.2, and they would practice the cliff climbing on the north cliffs near where i live. This was preporation for the D Day landing in Normandy at Pont -Du-Hoc, i also have right for this summer in another U.S infanty camp so looking forward to that one also. Keep up the good work on the diarama love to see it. Dave.
  5. Hi, Great sword you have there and to buy it staight from the man who claimed it in battle is something else, he is a very brave man, you have a good collection of militaria there as i can see i also collect the same type of items you have. I have a Japanese flag from Okinowa in my war room that came form a vet in the States, it is on my war room wall thanks for showing your sword. Dave.
  6. Hi, Very nice V1 they have and well kept they do last a long while if kept in good order, there are a few in Normandy outside the museums that could do with a good clean and re-paint but they leave them alone, sad really. I made a model of a V1 rocket and launch ramp which Sabrejet may remember on our forum here in Britain, not sure if i can upl;oad a pic of it here. Either way thanks for showing the V1. Dave.
  7. Hi, This is a pic i did a few months ago it is from a bok of the normandy landings, they are the 101st airborne in St Marie-Du-Mont. I was quite impessed to see these places when i was in normandy last we were camed at Utah Beach and coverd the battlefields of normandy. Im sorry aa the pic has not come up so will try again. Dave.
  8. Hi, I have had a Japanese flag from Okinawa in my collection for many years now it is very delicate as it is a battlefield relic and made of silk, it has some wear and a few small hole to it. I have always had it in two pieces of perspex ( flexy glass ) it is on one of my walls and out of the sunlight, there has been no change to it at all. I could try to put it on the forum for you to see if i can, most flags hold up very well framed and look great in the war rooms, so i wish you luck in getting it sorted out. Dave.
  9. Hi Great preservation you have done on the pistol, it,s looking good but i would not like to fire it though, i am restoring an 1853 enfield musket at the moment and it,s coming on ok but still a little qwork to do. thanks for showing your pistol. Dave.
  10. Hi, Fantastic work you have done i really like the look of the civilwar troops and cannon, I have worked in the " Lost-Wax" myself not easy, very well done i look forward to seeing more of your work. Dave.
  11. Hi, love the detail in the sculpture thanks for showing it. Dave.
  12. Hi Bob, i would like to know, i see you have put into your thread some work of Germans ect is it ok to put on a thread of drawing i have done of British troops i have some i did in Northern Ireland back in the 70,s / 80,s, in Belfast. As it is a U.S forum i was not sure if other than U.S, could be put on. Dave.
  13. Hi Bob, Great drawing i have just looked at more on your thread, I noticed you have done some from the civil war they look really good, i have an ancester Cpl Albert Pendrill 14th Brooklyn N.Y.S.M, killed at Little round top Gettysburg 1st july 1863. So you see i am very inerested in that war, i also had a commission for a guy in the U.S for a portrait of a soldier k.I.A Vietnam, he was PFT Raymond Eugene Kramer KIA 2nd Feb 1968, he was 21 yrs old, strangly enough 2nd Feb 1968 was my 20th birthday. i have nearly finished this pic but the man who wanted it has not been intouch for a while now,
  14. Hi, Great diarama dont see many Vietnam scenes, i love the detail you have put into the buildings and the weathering in the tank if i could get Vietnam figures over here i would like to make something like that. Also glad to hear that your health is a little better, take care. Dave.
  15. Hi, Great collection you have there, and very lucky to be able to fire them to, Over here in England we can only have deac firearms such as you have. I have fired most of what you have + when i was in the army so didnt go without my share of weapons, We once exchanged our SLR rifles for the the M16 with the U.S, army for a day, they said they would never carry ours into combat as they were to heavy lol. But we all had good fun thanks for showing them . Dave
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