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  1. Thanks for your quick reply dear Rooster77!!! Please, see more pictures:
  2. Dear all, I bought this Pilot Wings almost 25 years ago as a WWII original and I would like to confirm whether it is a period item or not and, if not, how I could identify it regarding the correct period. Could you, please, help me on this? Thanks in advance and best regards, Alex.
  3. Hello QED4, Thanks for your reply! What I mean is exactly as you've state here: If you mean were the EM pants often a lighter shade than the jacket then yes. As far as I know, from 1937 up to 1943 the light shade (OD32???) was the correct color for the wool trousers for GIs (NCOs and regular soldiers) and, by 1944, a "new" color (OD33???) was introduced, giving to the combo a more "uniform appearance", remembering the way the officers wore when we think of the "chocolat brown" color for both the Class A (winter) and IKE jacket with the wool trousers (i'd rather prefer the pink w
  4. Thanks a lot for your help dear Johan Willaert!!! I have never seen this picture before and it clearly shows that what I've heard was really possible! Thanks!!!
  5. Dear all, I have a doubt about the correct use of the EM's IKE jacket with pants. Does anyone have any picture from a 29th ID sergeant wearing his IKE jacket in the regular EM's OD shade with a light shade pants instead of the expected OD shade as per the IKE jacket? I have been told that this combination was possible but I do not have any literature or even pictures to prove that. If you could send me any picture, any information or even any website, that would be great! Thanks in advance and best regards, Alex Triffoni.
  6. Hi guys, Thanks again! I am learning a lot here!!! My friend is a reenactor and he would like to wear a WWII IKE Jacket with those rank chevrons on it. Best regards, Alex.
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for your comments. Based on what I have read, the green chevrons were introduced just in February 1951! This is new to me but it confirms what I was thinking about, I mean, no WWII IKE Jacket had any "green on blue" sewn on during the war. Best regards, Alex.
  8. Hi guys, I have been asked from a friend of mine if the late pattern for the corporal and sergeant rank chevrons (the greener ones) usually sewn on the M43 jacket were also sewn on IKE jackets too. I have never seen any picture with this combination. I am used to see the first pattern instead ("khaki" on blue). Does anyone have this information? Thanks and best regards, Alex.
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