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    A-2. AAF - RAF/FCAF groupings
  1. This grouping is pure trash, in both ts former and current state. The ES patches and other insignia that were with it, is laughable, the items thrown together are pure comedy. The trunk is nothing but a cheap Circus Act.
  2. I have been studying and collecting crushers and US Army Officer visors for many years, While this is a nice cap, it is definitely not English made, it is a US made cap. Wimbledon brand, was one of a multitude of brand ‘soft’ US Army Officer visors that were produced during the war in the states. Bancroft, Knox, Dobbs, and Society brands were the most known because they produced the largest quantities, but there were many more brands out there which produced lesser quantities, Wimbledon being one of them.
  3. Truly Outstanding, many thanks for sharing these wonderful and historic groups! - Dave.
  4. Thank you very much for the clarification!
  5. Wonderful and insightful, your expertise on this subject is of the highest caliber - Mamy Thanks!
  6. Brig, much appreciated, when you state additional sterling marks places the EGAs to the right of the dual hallmark time frame", what specifically do you mean?
  7. Thanks Brig! very interesting and educational! Was there a difference in time period between just Meyer Metal marked without an additional sterling mark, and one with it?
  8. So these are actualy not collar's? Interesting about the dress EGA'a, so were there no dress EGA's produced during the war?
  9. Wow Brig, that is some study, I am in awe of your expertise!
  10. I have read in a reference on Navy Wings many years ago that the logo HH Imperial represents a very specific time when the two firms merged, and that for a short period of time during WWII they marked the insignia with both names. Is that true? I have two pairs of officer collar service dress EGAs that I recently acquired with a number of other EGAs, that sport the double logo. Many Thanks again, this is not my area of collecting, hence the numerous questions. - Dave
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