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  1. Dont know if this helps but can confirm that M1s with excessive stress cracks were rejected. Here is a FS FB that is stamped War Reject due to the large stress crack in the front.
  2. Thank you and yes there is a loop on the top as if it would connect to pocket button. Reason I ask is an auction split up a wwii veterans items and i wanted to try to keep it together. This patch is in the box lot and is the only thing I can think is driving the price up. I just want the pictures to keep with his uniform. I am not a patch collector so way out f my league here. Really appreciate the guidance and help.
  3. Are these considered rare patches and are they worth anything?
  4. Looking for information on this patch. I believe it is USMC but am not sure. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thank you! That would be great!
  6. Picked up two helmets from an estate recently. Family said both belonged to a Donald V Sparks although I havent been able to find anything out on him. First is a paratroop shell with an 11th AB Liner. Both helmet and liner are late war manufacture. Shell is a rear seam swivel bail with heat stamp 1147D. Liner is a plain Seaman Paper Company Liner with the 11th AB decals. Second is s mid wwii Fixed bail and mid wwii Liner. Thr Liner is 2nd LT marked. The liner on the 11AB liner also looks like it has rank insignia at one point. Is it possible both actually belonged to one soldier? Likely just s
  7. Picked this patch up today more out of curiosity. Almost looks like the ordnance insignia with pioneer tools and rifle. Is this even military? Thanks.
  8. That is one awesome navy helmet! Thanks for posting it. Cool to see a very similar helmet out there in someones elses collection. Love the navy helmets
  9. Same font and color as one of my other navy kids.
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