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  1. Yes, the 3669th Ord is post war National Guard, 1950s period. Overall this sold for more than I expected.
  2. My first inclination would be that they are not period originals, if for no other reason than the fact they are for three completely different units in different divisions/brigades at different times but all appear to be made the same.
  3. I believe what your describing is the HQ, ETO Communications Zone patch. This is widely, and erroneously, referred to by many collectors as “ADSEC” when in fact ADSEC was just one part of the organization. ETO COMZ had control over all “Technical and Administrative Branches and Services“ in the U.K. and ETO. Quartermaster, Transportation, Ordnance, Medical, Signal, some Engineer (not combat engineer), etc. Communication Zone doesn’t literally mean “commo” as in radio and messages. It was basically the entire area behind the rear boundary of a Field Army (1st, 3rd, 7th, and 9th
  4. I would imagine that by the end of the war they were wearing the Communications Zone, ETO patch since that effectively encompassed all the Army Service Forces in the theater (and included their logo on the patch). My great-uncle served at a general hospital in England during the war and that’s the patch he wore home in 1945.
  5. This actually looks like many fake USAF patches that have been reproduced over the past 10-15 years. I believe they are being made in the Philippines. The weird sewing pattern is similar, but still somewhat different, from earlier 1970s-80s PI made patches. This unit disbanded in 1965. As for desirability, USAF patches can be amazingly finicky in price. Some refueling stuff can bring really good money, while a lot of the common stuff can be nearly worthless.
  6. Which invasion? The basic answer is probably “no”, as these were used by regular landing forces in many instances. I have an attributed one in my collection worn by an MP during Operation Dragoon in Southern France.
  7. The original one posted appears to be a current issue OCP pattern patch. While the ID is correct, it might be worthwhile pointing out that this organization is currently part of the US Army Reserve. Before 2006 the patch was worn by both active and reserve CA/PsyOps.
  8. Tonomachi is right, but the one posted here is not even an original Boots and Chutes example.
  9. Congrats to Scotty on the outstanding sale of a great insignia. I think the fact that it’s identified made a big difference. -Vance
  10. I lived in Spokane for four years, but moved away 15 years ago. When I lived there, the thrift/second hand stores were really good for military stuff (WWII-modern). The antique stores were generally above average compared to other parts of the country I've lived in. But just like any of those kinds of places, its the luck of the draw, especially if your just passing through town. There was also a warehouse type surplus store in Airway Heights, just outside Fairchild AFB. Not sure if its still there, but it turned up some interesting Vietnam and later stuff from time to time.
  11. Mort, I won the the one on ebay, I actually expected it to go over $400 and was pleasantly surprised. An exceptionally rare patch.
  12. +1 Definitely the Iceland Base Command patch
  13. Could be, but I don't think this is a sports patch, despite the jock strap. The jock strap motif has been used by at least a few other Support Helicopter units over the years. It has what looks to be a H-34 helicopter.
  14. Not sure why the photo was sideways, the file was vertical before I posted it.
  15. I recently picked this up and I'm somewhat stumped. 90th Aviation Company patches are relatively common, but an entirely different design. I believe this is German made from the 1960s. Possibly an earlier design for the 90th before they adopted the Bavarian colors? Thanks, Vance
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