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  1. Tonomachi is right, but the one posted here is not even an original Boots and Chutes example.
  2. Congrats to Scotty on the outstanding sale of a great insignia. I think the fact that it’s identified made a big difference. -Vance
  3. I lived in Spokane for four years, but moved away 15 years ago. When I lived there, the thrift/second hand stores were really good for military stuff (WWII-modern). The antique stores were generally above average compared to other parts of the country I've lived in. But just like any of those kinds of places, its the luck of the draw, especially if your just passing through town. There was also a warehouse type surplus store in Airway Heights, just outside Fairchild AFB. Not sure if its still there, but it turned up some interesting Vietnam and later stuff from time to time.
  4. Mort, I won the the one on ebay, I actually expected it to go over $400 and was pleasantly surprised. An exceptionally rare patch.
  5. +1 Definitely the Iceland Base Command patch
  6. Could be, but I don't think this is a sports patch, despite the jock strap. The jock strap motif has been used by at least a few other Support Helicopter units over the years. It has what looks to be a H-34 helicopter.
  7. Not sure why the photo was sideways, the file was vertical before I posted it.
  8. I recently picked this up and I'm somewhat stumped. 90th Aviation Company patches are relatively common, but an entirely different design. I believe this is German made from the 1960s. Possibly an earlier design for the 90th before they adopted the Bavarian colors? Thanks, Vance
  9. I'm not normally one to dispute Les Hughes, but I'm curious what evidence he had to support this being a British Army Reconnaissance Corps shoulder title. As Chris and Allan both pointed out, it doesn't match "normal" examples of that type of title. Also as Dave K. pointed out, these have been found over 78th Division patches on several occasions to include at least one direct vet pick up. As for the 78th Recon Troop not using green as a color, thats simply not true. Here is another example of a 78th Recon Troop patch with an attached green tab (from my collection). I also own on
  10. Definitely rare. David Kyle had one in his Signal Corps collection.
  11. MSTS makes more sense than anything else I've seen before. However it seems odd that a 9 man office would have generated such a somewhat common patch. Not super easy to find, but these do turn up with a decent degree of frequency compared to a lot of other VN insignia from much larger organizations "We Try Harder" was a popular Avis rental car slogan at the time right? It seems to have been adopted by several units across the military at the time, both officially and unofficially.
  12. Just picked this one up and I believe it's for Detachment 4, 330th Radio Research Company. I don't know that the "SE OD" stands for, but I know some of the other RRC detachment patches had some "interesting" or pithy acronyms. Anyone out there able to confirm this ID or possible know that the inscription means? -Vance
  13. Thats pretty neat. I believe "Satahib" is the same location as what is currently spelled as "Sattahip" (but usually pronounced in english more like the for former). It is literally just down the road from the former U Tapao air base (now both a commercial Airport and Royal Thai Navy base).
  14. It didn't sell for $500, it sold for $1,800 plus shipping. The opening bid was $499.99 but it sold for best offer.
  15. The 43rd Engineers is probably worn more as an "affiliation" rather than his current unit. It's very possible this guy commanded the 43rd Engineer Battalion earlier in his career and left this patch on his uniform out of pride.
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