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  1. A couple of pieces received from a great friend. An 805th TD Bn scroll and an inked 656th TD Bn patch.
  2. Is there a website or FB page that might help me identify the period my CIB's were produced? I'm looking to thin out a few areas of my collection and would like to keep only the CIB's from the WWII and Korean War era. I am aware there are books out there, but I don't think buying a book would be worthwhile since I don't really intend to buy anything more in the future. Thanks for any assistance with this, it is appreciated.
  3. Beautiful TD items. ALL of them. Thanks for posting these!!
  4. Thanks Travis. I also have one from J.J. B'Ham that is OK. Then I have this one. I believe it's British, but unmarked. It is in my opinion nicer than either of the other two. What is your opinion of it? Brit?
  5. Finally picked up one from Ludlow, London.
  6. Interesting. Almost identical.
  7. The reason I ask is I saw a patch of what looks like a black panther in profile that is allegedly a 12th AD jacket patch. Never seen anything like it attributed to the 12th AD.
  8. Does anyone have a verified jacket patch associated with the 12th AD showing a "cats" head of any sort? Either a photo of one being worn or an actual patch in your collection? Thanks!!
  9. Nice! Thanks for posting these.
  10. Those are some VERY nice pocket patches!
  11. Colby, Nice pieces! Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent collection.
  12. Bill, Interesting piece. And interesting how he turned the PH around on the ribbon. Nice.
  13. Just added this tiny lapel CIB to the collection. It has very good detail to be so small. It does have a nut for the back.
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