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  1. Hello, Has anyone ever happened to stumble across the TIOH drawing for current (3") chevrons? I'm working on recreating one in CAD for a little project but something seems off, so I'm curious to see what the drawing specifies. Thanks!
  2. I recently found several of these decals and beret flashes on eBay described as ROTC. Can anyone confirm and/or date?
  3. So... I stumbled upon this thread trying to figure out a way to mount my own medals. I tried it, but didn't like how it was pretty much hit or miss when getting my ribbon drapes to form the way they are in the pictures when the medals are hanging on them. So after some image Goggling, I figured out how I think Ultrathin and all those companies mount them and decided to attempt replicating the method. I didn't take pictures in the process, because I really did not know how this would turn out. In the end, I think it came out pretty well, so I thought I might share this. I'll let you be the judge. You need: Around 3" of each ribbon Ribbon mounting bar Cardstock Double sided tape Needle Thread Procedure: Fold one end of the ribbon into a 60 degree point. You may need to iron this or any other folds, so be sure to iron through a paper towel. Insert this point through the ring on the medal and fold the point back. Sew point down so the medal is secured to the ribbon. Fold the other end of the ribbon so that the fold is 3 1/4" from the bottom of the medal. This drop is regulation for Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard but unmentioned in Army and Air Force regulations. Logically, it should also be the same. Place all drapes side by side and trace a backing for the drapes onto the cardstock. Cut out the tracing, and fit it onto the drapes. There should be a small "pouch" on the back of each medal drape created by the first two steps, so the backing can slide inside. Trim as necessary. Place ribbon mounting bar on the top of the reverse side of the backing. Tape double sided tape immediately below the bar. Fold ribbon ends over the mounting bar and adhere them to the tape. Note: My medals actually have a 4" drop because of the abnormally large medal on the right. Fortunately, these are meant to be worn on an Army JROTC uniform.
  4. Robert Wolf, Commanding Officer of the NY Naval Militia. He served as a Marine, but retired as a LTC, so MG would not be his USMC, but his state rank.
  5. I came by a couple of tan 445 shirts completely devoid of any insignia, and I would like to set them up for display purposes. I know that the collar insignia should be 1 inch from the edge of the collar with its vertical axis parallel to it, and that DUIs are centered on the epaulet, but is everything else the same as a modern class B shirt?
  6. Can anyone identify this patch?
  7. Not even a decent copy like Propper's or Tru-Spec's. Pretty sure this is a Chinese made repro.
  8. Whoa! 4 encampments and only a C/MSgt? He sure got around a lot. FYI: Ribbons are in the wrong order. See attachment (I know they show the modern ribbons; they are almost the same though.)
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