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  1. Can anyone ID this coat button with the eagle? It came in a box of WWII items from a deceased distant relative who served in the AAF. And as always thanks in advance.
  2. Yes, thank you. I had never even heard of this aircraft before.
  3. I have this photo of what I think is a Grumman HU-16. But I can't find any other image online with what look to be two 50 calibers mounted on the nose and perhaps another gun mount aft of the wing. Does anyone recognize this variant?
  4. Found this rather vintage Kitty Hawk CVA-63 wool ship cap. Can anyone figure out where it was made? And as always, thanks in advance.
  5. I am not a patch collector so hoping someone can help me date this 5th Air Force patch. And as always, thanks in advance.
  6. Not really militaria, but close enough. I found this Allied High Commission plaque at a recent local estate sale and thought some might be interested in occupied Germany related items. I could not find any pics of inside of Hotel Petersberg during this period. In fact could not find all that many links to the Allied High Commission. Plaque looks like it was designed for maybe a room or office entrance or maybe to front a large table.
  7. You should be able to track one down for far less than $80 at a surplus store. By the way, they are great for transporting a party pig of beer during the summer from point A to point B.
  8. Schreck (SWI) is as ubiquitous as Atlantco or Rothco or Propper in the commercial aftermarket surplus business. As others noted, the RN# denotes a commercial product.
  9. Well I don't care for the stuff, but that is almost identical to the Singha beer lion.
  10. Picked up this vest at Goodwill the other day, but not sure of if was ever military issue. NSN #1680-0-982-9973. Any thoughts??
  11. Also, only commercial products have an RN number. This number can easily be checked online. Your manufacturer is M S I International.
  12. That just it, all the other mittens I have found are trigger mitts. And you would not need a liner with these mitts which already have a shearling wool lining. I did find a very small size tag inside imprinted with "L". So I am leaning towards a quality commercial product based upon the A-9. I mean combine them with a modern polypro lining and I would have a great mitten set for winter walks, but better suited for Minnesota than my local Puget Sound region.
  13. They look like military issue but no tags or markings and I can't find anything online but gloves and trigger mitts. Maybe just civilian. What to others think?
  14. Posted this to an international forum recently but got no definitive answer. But on further investigation I did find out that West Point uses a four-stripe chevron for their battalion commanders. So is this a West Point insignia or something else?
  15. Maj. General Smedley Butler, AKA "Old Gimlet Eye" if only because he is an often forgotten national hero not only for his exemplary military service but also for his role in exposing "the business plot".
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