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  1. you could buy some reproduction WWII combat boots in your shoe size, then you could wear them if you wanted, and they would get that broken in look and they could be used on the mannequin when your not wearing them
  2. they seem to be common, I bought two a few months ago at surplus stores for around $6.00 each I found a navy blue one without a visor, and a olive drab one with a visor these were also worn by navy deck crews on aircraft carriers and by gun crews aboard ships.
  3. thats like the ultimate WWII helmet ! I doubt I'll ever find one that nice, they are hard to find in that condition
  4. some of the M1956 liners are dated with the maker mold mark I have a M1956 liner that has a F 63 marking moulded in the shell that would be 1963 production mfg by Firestone
  5. here are more pictures of the ZC228 marked helmet it a British made helmet sold to the Chinese during the 1930's when China was at war with Japan http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=008 it has the insignia of the Chinese Nationalists
  6. Im a bargain shopper, I usually buy the more common pieces I do try and collect different varients of the same items
  7. here is a heat stamp from a WW1 British made helmet for comparison ZC 228 the seam appears to be even where it comes togther? [not over lapping]
  8. or you could make a Battle of the Bulge display, and paint his feet black to look like he has frost bite, as an excuse for not wearing his boots, then have a guy with a medic helmet wrappping his feet
  9. a large 55 gallon aquarium would make a nice display case for a GI JOE / action figure diorama you could use sand and aquarium plants and rocks to make a 1/6th scale jungle diorama and maybe add some cheap Christmas tree lights to add lighting.
  10. you could change the display to a platoon sgt taking a break with his trousers rolled up washing his feet with his boots displayed nearby
  11. is ZF14 a US heat stamp marking or possibly British? M1917 helmet
  12. is the trench gun made by Winchester? or is it a Chinese copy of the m1897 ?
  13. I searched and found this group of WWII era flashlights I see one that looks identicle to the one I have
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