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  1. aznation- Thanks for posting the add. SKIP
  2. Hey gang! Found this on ebay this morning. It's a what I would call mint a V-42 long scabbard. It is beautiful. Ebay item # 174487971675. The seller has a Buy Now price of $2995. I just can't see anyone shelling out that much money, at least a normal collector. Now if you have very deep pockets, and a mint V-42 maybe you could make the investment. When you think that a V-42 made in WW2, cost around $6.50 it's amazing. Now days, most of the V42s I see are around $5000+, but have seen them as high as $12,000. To invest $3000 for just the scabbard I have trouble justifying it. If you don't hav
  3. I always liked the older 6" blades over the 5". Have a couple of them. SKIP
  4. Marv- Great information!, Never knew about these "Hopkins & Allen" bayonets. Thanks for the info, and pictures. SKIP
  5. It looks like a legit either post war, or PX version. Note the US & M3 are stamped out. It also has the commercial type leather sheath. What I have never seen on a CASE straight guard before is a grooved handle, usually they are smooth. So, this one is something of a rarity. How many grooves does it have? SKIP
  6. My guess would be a field modification, since never have seen any evidence of issue M1910s produced in a Bowie style blade. Glad you showed us though, interesting. SKIP
  7. I agree with everyone, and like Charlie's analysis. Hopefully prices will drop some with the holidays coming, and folks shifting funds to gifts. We'll see how it goes. SKIP
  8. I thought it was just me. I've also slowed down lately. Mostly the items I want are the higher end items, ie V42s, Robeson USMC MK2s, etc. I still buy when it suits me but the prices these days are in most cases just insane. Like thorin6, I haven't thrown in the towel yet. SKIP
  9. watchmanjimg- More than likely the sheath is original to the knife, which is commercial, not a military issue item. If I recall these were sold in the 70s, and 80s at local surplus and pawn shops. I think they were made by a company called "Valor" of Japan, could be wrong on the maker. But not an issue knife. SKIP
  10. Nice group of beautiful examples of 1219C2s. Noticed that you might need to add a light coat of oil, photos show what looks like surface rust developing. Thanks for showing! SKIP
  11. Kai- Let me see if I can explain this off the top of my head. The bayonet was made by Remington for the British P14 rifle. The U.S. bought a ton of these from England for the U.S. M1917 rifles, which were basically P14s converted to .30-06 caliber. The 1913 is the model number, and the 9-17 is when it was made. Then bought by the U.S. and restamped. I have a Remington that has the British markings over stamped, and the U.S. added. Think I got story right. SKIP
  12. SKIPH

    Is It Me?

    Elizabeth- I agree to an extent, have seen it before. But, in this case, there were approximately 1,700,000 M8s produced , and another 3,125,000 M8A1s all in 1944. It is not a very rare item just by numbers alone. Plus, occasionally mint, in the box M3s, w/ M8s pop up. They're out there, and no where near that price. Curious to see how it goes. SKIP (numbers from Gary's book)
  13. SKIPH

    Is It Me?

    WOW! Seller upped the Buy Now price to $355. Not sure I understand the train of thought. If it didn't sell at $230, why would he think it would go at $355. He must want to keep it. Oh well, good luck to him. SKIP
  14. Leigh- Thanks for showing. Agree w/ everyone else, looks totally legit. Keep in mind, these were surplus in the 1920s as I recall, and the U.S. obliteration could have occurred then. Also, Jewell tended to stamp the name along the stitching about an inch or 2 below the metal throat. Could be there. SKIP
  15. SKIPH

    Is It Me?

    Hey Gang! Is it me, or does this M8 scabbard on ebay seem kinda high? Just ran across this very nice, mint looking early M8 scabbard on ebay item # 224171003228. Seller has it at a Buy Now price of $230, and offers a payment plan. . I do not know the seller. But, what scares me is that this could set a bad precedent for M8 scabbards. The last time I bought an M8 I paid around $20 and felt that was high. I understand, that they are no longer made, but also that they are not rare either. Hate to see M8s going the way M6 scabbards have gone. It just seems a little too high for me. SKIP
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