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  1. sactroop- Thank you! I'm not even sure I can repeat the process. Just a lucky hit. The plus sign will help. Have not seen anything in the "Image Posting" thread on this new way. Appreciate the assistance. SKIP
  2. Bill- Both post war, unmarked guards. I had actually finished the narrative, when I posted the pics. Like you said I'll figure it out. SKIP
  3. Hey Gang! These are my two rubber handled M4s. Finally learned to take pics, and transfer to files. We"ll see how this goes. Camillus M3 & an RCC M3 conversions to M4s. Consider the RCC a real prize. OK! How do I post pictures now, can't figure it out. HELP! SKIP Not sure how I did it. But it messed up my statement. LOL!
  4. I think they also had them with black plastic handles too. SKIP
  5. Sarco was selling these back in the 80s, or 90s for around $50. SKIP
  6. SKIPH


    Marv- Good point on the scabbard. SKIP
  7. SKIPH


    Pudge067- I doubt your Dad was issued this, probably just something he found, traded, or picked up somewhere. In the 60s, Mi bayonets, M1905 bayonets were really cheap & plentiful. I paid $3.50 for a PAL, cut down, with scabbard. The M1905s were about the same price range. SKIP
  8. SKIPH


    SolWarrior- You've got some great questions, so I'm gonna get you pointed in the right direction. Go to this web site Frank Trzaska's "US military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes", enter the site, and the go to our late friend, Gary Cunningham's "Bayonet Points", you will see a variety of bayonet subjects, go to the M1905, M1 bayonet sections, the scroll down to the appropriate page. Gary did a wonderful job on this site, and it led to an excellent book. Read up on what interests you, and receive a wealth of information. It's a great read! You'll receive more knowledge than I can give you over a few threads. Everyone will recommend that site. Check it out! SKIP
  9. SKIPH


    SolWarrior- It's a WW2 cut down from a 16" blade to 10" blade. The original M1905 bayonet was made by Union Fork & Hoe, but the authorized modification to a 10" blade was done by Onieda Limited (OL). I'm just curious about those 4 angled lines. Never saw that before. SKIP
  10. SKIPH


    This is a cut-down, M1 or M1905 to be used as a shorter fighting, or utility knife. The locking mechanism has been removed. Parkerized finish could have been buffed off. Not an official modification, just utilitarian. SKIP
  11. I see the PAL is up for sale on ebay. Item # 174339232157, starting price $650. Real nice set, maybe a little high. SKIP
  12. SKIPH

    BOKER M3

    Varangian- Not really sure why it was done. Probably a method they used prior to M3 contract. Boker used it for a while, then switched at some point to a single tang, No doubt it complicated production. Western also used a double tang on their WW2 production knives, (not M3), but the knives they produced had leather washers almost in a rounded "H" shape, and the tops of the tangs were visible, and exposed to the elements. SKIP.
  13. SKIPH

    BOKER M3

    Hey Gang! Just saw this double tang, Boker blade marked M3 on ebay. Item # 353126105707, with a Buy Now price of $349.99. The blade stamp has been partially ground off , and the finish is a little rough. But the handle looks good, and there's no questioning who the maker was with the double tang. These can be hard to find, and the price is pretty good. It would fill that hole in the collection until you could upgrade. I do not know the seller. Just trying to point out a fair deal. Good Luck! Hope someone gets it from the forum. SKIP
  14. Dirt Detective- Thanks for showing! You never see these anywhere, and they are cool! I also see they came with a Collins#13 scabbard, which is also the type used on the leather handled #127 machete for US Engineer Dept (USED), or the #37 US Signal Corps (SCUSA). Great collection! SKIP
  15. If anyone is interested there is a PAL guard marked on ebay, item # 4023 07177884. Don't know the seller. SKIP
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