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  1. I have come across a WWII USMC uniform that is named to one marine but the pants are named to another. Marine A (whose name is in the tunic) was in the 4th Marine Division. Marine B (whose name is in the pants) was in an armored amphibian tractor battalion, FMF The jacket has the FMF Amphibian Tractor patch and ribbon bar that would be better suited for marine "B" whose name is in the pants. My question is....is it common for the names not to match? And if it did happen.....why? Thanks
  2. Is this an appropriate ribbon combination for a WWII 25th ID coat? I can't identify several of them. Thanks
  3. Just came across his website for the first time. Has anyone bought anything from the site? Thoughts on inventory? Good / Bad experience? Thanks
  4. Thanks buddy! What about the Army PUC as opposed to the Navy?
  5. I've seen 23rd ID service coats here on the forum that have the 2nd Marine Division Guadalcanal patch on the sleeve. Has anyone seen a 1st Marine Division patch? Also, am I correct in that the 23rd had a regiment that received the Navy PUC? Would an Army PUC out of place as on this set up? Thanks
  6. How about Marine Corps? I assume on some of the smaller islands they too were always near the action. How much did they actually "cook" say on Iwo, Tarawa, or Saipan?
  7. Did WWII cooks (USMC / Army especially) see combat as part of their duty or were they solely cooks ? Did they come ashore with the first waves or later? Thanks
  8. I am interested in a Ike that has the following SSI - 7th ID on the wearer's left and the 24th Corps on the wearer's right. I am under the impression that current unit is on the left and combat unit is on the right. With that, is what I described above make sense? Also, ribbons on the jacket show four campaigns on the Asiatic Pacific and two on the Philippine liberation.....and the jacket belonged to a private? Red flags on the ribbon / rank combo? Thanks
  9. This was on a uniform that just sold on Ebay. Is it me or does the private chevron look "uneven"? I asked the seller if it was an optical illusion due to the angle of the camera and his reply was no, the picture was correct. Is the lack of symmetry something that could happen to the chevrons during this era? Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
  10. Picked up a scrapbook that belonged to a collector in the 60's which contained lots of WWII patches and found this. Anyone seen one like it?
  11. Hi all, Would like any and all opinions on this helmet net. Thanks
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