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  1. A pretty neat way to keep a loved one close at hand. Thanks for the comment. Ronnie
  2. Here is a photo I found on another site and noticed the soldier on the left has what appears to be plexiglass grips on his weapon. Pretty cool.
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. Ronnie
  4. Oh yeah.... here’s a photo of mine. Does it look like yours? Ronnie
  5. Matt.....just curious. Have you ever seen a fixed bail that wasn’t a front seam?
  6. What’s it worth?.......a song. Ronnie
  7. Thank you fellas very much. I appreciate the help and the info. Ronnie
  8. Thank you very much Tim for this info. But why would they have been in black if that mandate was made later in the fifties? Thanks again.Ronnie
  9. Can someone please help me? Did Boyt have a contract for .45 Holsters in 1950? Thanks. Ronnie
  10. Steve I had one that had been issued to the OSS. I sold it to your buddy Jack Brannon’s pardner many years ago. Ronnie
  11. Agree with Bill. You loan it out and you may never see it again. Ronnie
  12. Super nice collection. Ronnie
  13. Thank you Proud Kraut. I appreciate all the comments. Ronnie
  14. I also have a Jeep pedal car but I have no photo of it.
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