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  1. Max, Hold the patch side sleeve up to the light, and see if there is a trace/outline or stitch marks below where the tab was. That could possibly help with narrowing it down. v/r James
  2. CSM, I see those Ranger roots!! Fantastic display!! I love the period Tactical Tailor MBITR pouch!! v/r Jim
  3. ALCON: Update-Morse's retirement DD214 Still looking for the buyer circa-2009 from the Forum that bought his binder of docs and orders. Thanks Jim
  4. ALCON: A set of Morse's greens and a large binder of orders-documents and photos was sold/bought on here back in 2009/10. If that person still has the binder and uniform please shoot me a PM. Thank You Jim
  5. ALCON: Pulled it. It wasnt fair to the first 3 bidders, not having identified the ribbon rack as reconstructed in the overall description. Cheers
  6. ALCON, Listed a set of his greens yesterday with a reconstructed period ribbon rack based on his NARA documentation, on eBay. Thanks
  7. Gents, DSC numbered #20651 Wrapped broach. Comments, insight to the manufacture date? Thanks Jim
  8. I posted his DD214 which states Inf, and awarded a CIB. Jim
  9. Thanks for the positive replies Gents!! Please feel free to offer up any relevant information!! Cheers! Jim
  10. ALCON, Outstanding questions remaining. 1. WWII Combat unit/units 2. Korean War Combat service units 3. Combat Jumps, who with 4. Vietnam Combat service-Why no 3rd award CIB?? 5. DSC Thank You Jim
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