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    U.S. Militaria from 1898 to 1945
  1. WW2JAKE, thanks for posting this. I decided to post this thread in this section of the forum hoping to get more feedback and possible information. Mike, these are on the larger side, and sloppy if I say so. I would be interested if I could find a comparison, if there is one out there.
  2. I have a helmet in my collection currently and would like to get some opinions. I purchased this from a very reputable dealer, but did not receive any information when I purchased it. The helmet is a front seam swivel bail with early war straps. This came with a helmet liner, not sure it is original to the shell.
  3. The helmet has a hole drilled I the rear center or the helmet. I am guessing this was done by someone to hang on the wall?
  4. Picked this up recently, it is a front seam swivel bail helmet with early chinstraps. Can't make out the heat stamp. Looks like 160 C.
  5. Hi everyone. I picked this up the other day and have done a little research and have came up empty handed. I was hoping that someone knew what this piece of ordnance was. Thanks
  6. I was curious to see if there were any good references out there on the MK I hand grenade. I would like to know what to look for before I go out and buy one. Thanks!
  7. Interesting, I appreciate the information Mr. Bowers. Thanks!!
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