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    Always looking for Originally Netted//Covered Helmets
  1. Great Rick, thanks for the added bit of info. Still not the usual constructed crosses. Post war maybe?
  2. OP, for what it's worth, not the usual construction of red cross markings familiar to US GI's. Could be from a Canadian medic? Anyway if I was in the market for one, I'd play, but price is getting steep!
  3. Nice catch M, whats going on these days!?
  4. CAPA was notorious for having poor paint adhesion. I would not automatically disqualify the markings based on the overpainted yellow areas alone. Particularly on the front area more in contact with the shell.
  5. I should have taken this off your hands the first time Mike!!!
  6. Crispy looking Hawley. I like the rank markings, congrats!
  7. Happy Birthday!! Nice helmet, nothing beats getting militaria as a present...even if it's to yourself. Net looks synthetic, so probably something (fishing net) used to dress up the helmet. Enjoy your day!!
  8. Small mesh would be more appropriate on a swivel loop helmet.
  9. Awesome helmet Scott, well worth the wait. Glad you were able to add to the history of such a helmet.
  10. Nice nets and helmets! The first woven example is the hardest to find of the two-tone nets in my experience. Take care putting the commando net on a helmet--they rip easily.
  11. Sorry C but based on the new pictures it's a reproduction, but one of the wierdest I've ever seen. Check the pacman, he's suffering from some serious identiy issues--two styles in one print?!
  12. Great piece, definitly pays to wait for that special helmet to come along. A long time ago when the surplus tankers from India were found, I had the chance to pick up some mint ones for 50 bucks a piece. I still kick myself for not buying even one, and he had a whole box. Oh those days of being a broke kid collector. The only thing that's changed is I'm not a kid anymore... :-(
  13. That's a great used helmet set, nice score! The first picture, I thought that was a navy grey band!! Dig how the liner has been installed, possibly to make it more comfortable when being worn backwards, like someone whos job it was to look through binos or a scope all day? I dunno, just thinking out loud...
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