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    WWI and WWII militaria and weapons, with a focus on Philippines during WWII.
  1. I stopped by a local gun store last month to look over any old milsurps they may have. Didn't see anything at first, then noticed an M1 carbine in a commercial sporter type stock. Asked to look at it and noticed it was a Winchester, and the was a letter stapled to the price tag. It was a consignment piece. The letter basically said that the rifle was carried by the owner in his L-19 aircraft on every flight he made while in country, and that he had a local Viet carve him a short two hand grip stock for the carbine so that it would fit inside the L-19 cockpit easier. I know, buy the gun
  2. Actually, a collector here in the states has serial number 0C1, the first No4MkI Savage Enfield made. The brits converted it into a sniper. It has the US Property marks on it. 2 weeks ago I saw SN 0C165, the 165th Savage Enfield made. It to had the US Prop stamp on it.
  3. Just to say I am a proud US Army combat veteran and found nothing offensive about the post. I have served with the Brits in the Middle East and was very impressed with their espirit-de-corps, professionalism and bravery. I don't think we have to get worked up when someone thinks a particular army may be better than ours. Our Army has it problems, just as any other one does. Our Army has it's good points, just as any other one does.
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