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  1. photos are terrible, but for what we can see I would tell artificially aged, better photos could tell more about painting. Regarding 1st ID looks a fake, look the black edge go over the exposed rust on steel, how it could be possible IF the paint was there before the rust came out? GS
  2. Amazing infos Justin, thanks alot! GS
  3. Hello everybody, recently I discovered the army specialist corp around the web and I am really curious to know which kind of uniforms, badges and decorations they used during the ww2 / pre war period. Expecially what is the branch color? Thanks alot for the help in advance! PS I found this hat around the web ...it's really incredible Giancarlo
  4. I spotted this one on ePay, be carefull https://www.ebay.com/itm/40218235631 item number 402182356317 GS
  5. It's an amazing officer blue dress 1936 pattern, outstanding branch too! I would like to add it to my collection...but it's really expensive I own 5 m1936 officer dress uniforms and thisone would be the last touch to complete the variety. GS
  6. Be safe, don't bid it https://www.ebay.com/itm/M1-helmet-WWII-91st-infantry-division-Italian-campaign/153848523709?hash=item23d2162bbd:g:KX4AAOSwsnVeRs72 ww2 fake helmet 91st (italian seller) GS
  7. here a cool update that I think you will appreciate for sure The white dress of Richardson before was promoted to gen. and meanwhile was assigned to 5th Cav. Reg. he was colonel between 1935 to 1938 GS
  8. custer div. helmet is gone up to 400 USD...insane
  9. Is a well known helmet seller from Italy, he sold many copies as original There are other threats and posts on the forum about him
  10. Here few helmet he is selling eBay item number: 153685692422 and Numero oggetto eBay: 293270172906
  11. Thanks to averyone who helped the members to get a more detailed infos on this really rare and unique photo of blue dress army general! I have probably get the visor used by this General…. as soon as the visor will be here as soon I will post it here
  12. Hello Chris, I can't find the link can you re post it here? I asking infos because I believe I own his blue dress Hat. Gs
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