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  1. I met one of two survivors from Midway that flew on one of the Avengers. Airman 3rd Class Harry Ferrier was Ensign Albert Ernest's radioman/gunner and was shot twice by a pursuing Zero. Once in the hand and another grazing wound in the head. He showed me the ball cap he was wearing that day. It had the bullet hole in it and the blood stains from his wound. The 50 cal. gunner on his plane was killed. This was also the Avenger's debut in combat.
  2. Good to see the Braddy helmet and sand samples on display.
  3. Very nice, and matching entrenching tool cover and canteen.
  4. My upper and lower marked packs. There is another pack to the right behind the helmet, but it's very lightly marked <302> (3rd MarDiv), so it doesn't show up well in a picture.
  5. Here is my modest collection, most of them named.
  6. Both are 4th MarDiv units. 531 = HQ, 3rd Battalion, 25th Regiment 524 = G Co., 2nd Battalion, 25th Regiment
  7. I can't tell what the number is inside of the triangle. Could you please let us know what it is? I have a 3rd MarDiv marked upper pack with 302 inside. Is mine a 3rd Tank Battalion marking? hello great camo uniform !!!! l have small Unis code on P1 canteen case Quentin H Joy 1st lieutnant 3rd tank battalion , 3rd Div olivier
  8. This L. B. Puller signed recommendation for a Sliver Star for Victor F. Pettruzzelli. Also signed by William H. Rupertus, C.O. of the 1st MarDiv during Peleliu. It was in his files from the archives. It's only a copy, but still very cool.
  9. Well, I deleted the bottom two pictures, but they are still showing. The sea bag is the only relevant picture in this thread.
  10. I was wondering if anyone had any 3rd MarDiv unis marked items in their collection. If so, would you be so kind as to post pictures of them here. If ID'd, please state the particular unit too. I am trying to see if a list of units can be compiled like the 4th is. I have attached a picture of a sea bag which is ID'd to Homer W. Davis Jr. who was in the 3rd Motor Transportation Battalion, Service Troops, 3rd MarDiv. Thanks!
  11. Found this on the web. Go to illustration 3.2 for regimental symbols. http://www.2ndbn5thmar.com/sop/MarkingSOPMcBreen.pdf
  12. Here's a unis marked sea bag belonging to Homer W. Davis Jr. who was in the 3rd Motor Trans. Batt., Serv Troops, 3rd MarDiv, so the horizontal diamond on the bag would confirm this marking used by the 3rd MarDiv.
  13. Map case belonging to Curtis W. Kinney, MIA Tarawa. Co. B, 2nd Amphibian Tractor Batt., 2nd MarDiv. Do these double red diamonds represent the 2nd Amph Batt?
  14. I have a 14th Marines marked sea bag, and besides the 612 inside the half circle, there is a red 5 inside a white circle.
  15. I agree with it being F.S. On another note, the star on the WWII Victory ribbon has always baffled me. Some people said Marines put those on there themselves, but in reality you rarely see that. I have several combat Marines uniforms and none of them have the star on the ribbon.
  16. If there is a label and it has "original type" at the bottom, it's a civilian knockoff.
  17. I flew the 909 back in the late 90s before the FAA stop letting civilians get stick time. I flew in it about ten years later when I worked at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
  18. 130,000 sq ft and about 2,000 tables.
  19. Yes, but it looks like a bomber jacket.
  20. I usually see "bomber jacket" used by the uneducated civilian world as that is where the term was originally coined during and after WWII. Recently I saw the term used on the forums, and I know it's anal on my part, but it's like hearing fingernails on a chalk board. There are no military issue "flight" jackets that have the word "bomber" on the label. Flight jackets were used by fighter, cargo, spotter, and yes, bomber crews. Rant over, thank you.
  21. Interesting idea, but I've seen it on footlockers and other web gear before and with a different colored circle.
  22. Can anyone tell me what the 5 inside the white circle means on this 4th MarDiv sea bag?
  23. Saturday and Sunday are looking good. 2014 the temps were in the single digit range going through O'Hare. Now I go through Dallas.
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