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    Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
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    U.S. Navy vintage rating badges, distinguishing marks, liberty cuffs and vintage Navy Police Petty Officer / MAA and Shore Patrol metal badges.
  1. I've corrected the link to every CPO rating badge design... http://navycollector.com/NavyCollectorGallery.htm
  2. I posted some new MAA and PPO badge photos on my pages: http://navycollector.com/Navy-MAA-Police%20Badges.htm
  3. Aviation Maint. Dept., North Island, San Diego. Named: PO1 J.P. Mathies, WWII
  4. Larry Vail unit plaque. I have hundreds of shots from Larry Vail's collection. Paint on Wood example.
  5. I like that. I can't explain the nozzles on this MAA design. -dan
  6. Nice. "Acting" Chief Aviation Storekeeper.
  7. I've always been under the impression the style shown here is from the 1980s. Anyone else agree?
  8. Thanks for showing this version of the molds used for the dentist plaster type plaques. I really like USN unit plaques. They make great displays, but, do take up a lot of space and are a challenge to store more than a dozen of them. I met a navy veteran, Larry Vail, whose job was to make plaques for a couple of ships he served on. He had over a thousand plaques stored away back in 2014 when he and I corresponded. I've got photos of a couple hundred from his plaque collection. Here's a few from my collection.
  9. Good to visit this site and this thread again. Been very busy with one of my other collections.
  10. Here's one example from my collection.
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