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  1. No, it's not the release button. This came off the top of the backplate where the trigger is.
  2. Can anyone identify this part? It came off a backplate for a .50. Not the common butterfly trigger on the M2HB but?
  3. You are correct, should be ARES! Ken
  4. As most know, a original M3 Grease Gun is almost impossible to acquire. Live ones go for astronomical prices and demilled ones are cut up badly (if you can find one anymore). Since I wanted a M3 for my collection I acquired an airsoft ERES model. It is all steel and weighs about right. It is very well done (I have looked at a few real ones in our California Military Museum collection) and looks "real". I removed the silly orange plug from the barrel. The cocking handle on the ERES is too short so I installed a GI trigger housing and cocking handle. They fit easily. I installed a spring assembly inside so the handle moves back and forth. A real magazine will fit in the housing with a little mod. (The ERES magazine contains the battery for the airsoft operation.) I then put an original sling on it. The only sticky point is the ERES M3 has the larger ejection port of the M3A1 otherwise i think it looks good. Doubt too many would pick that up when I display it! If you want to add the M3 to your collection this is not a bad way to go. Hope you enjoy the pix.
  5. I recently acquired this deactivated M2HB .50. It is all original parts except for the right sideplate (it's one of those sold by Sarco about 10 or so years ago.) I removed the flash hider and replaced the rear sight with the correct WWII type with mount for the telescopic sight. Added the bolt release which was missing. Acquired the M3 Tripod a few months before the .50. It is 1942 manufacture. Collected some accessories also. Always wanted one of these for my WWII U.S. and German weapons collection. (It was not cheap!) Pathfinder44
  6. Some common misspellings I see all the time: "Entrenching" (as in Tool) is correct, not "Intrenching" "Ordnance" is correct, not "Ordinance" (This one always gets me as I am a retired Ordnance officer.)
  7. Thanks for reply. The BT-16 bag contains two pockets inside at top. They have two snaps and inside each are five holders that look like large shotgun shell straps. ???
  8. Can anyone id these two? First is marked on bottom "NLN6262A". Second is marked (faintly) "Tool Roll M6(?). Maker mark on shoulder strap dated 45.
  9. Does anyone know the gauge of the ignition wires on the 2.36" rocket? I believe they had black coated cloth insulation. Also, would like to know the length of the primary one (it was coiled and then could reach the contact on the launcher). The second wire was soldered onto one of the fins and then went into the rocket motor. I just purchaesed one of the Zeta Lab M9A1 Bazookas. It is a very realistic replica, all steel. The inert original 2.36 rockets I have fit perfectly in the tube. Ken :think:
  10. I have a number of covers dated in 1943. I wrote to Jon Gawne a number of years ago when he stated in his Normandy book that he doubted any were used. I sent him one of mine dated in 1943 and referred to some photos showing dark covers. I doubt that many were there but some were. Ken
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