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  1. Thanks Bill Going to start on building some content soon hopefully! Sam (AKA Skytroop)
  2. Likely not at this time. One of our priorities is getting a new bottom on the hull.
  3. There was a gentleman with the Oregon Cascade Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association who did carvings like this. Sadly he died during a visit to Normandy a few years back. This might be his work. Sam (AKA Skytroop)
  4. I am not really a new member but it has been so long since I have posted many of you may not remember me. My Name is Sam and I have been collecting militaria since 1970. I currently work on a volunteer basis with the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum in Portland, Oregon and we are in the process of restoring the USS LCI(L)-713. This vessel is the most complete restoration to date for this type of craft. I am looking forward to not only featuring some of the work and items we have procured for the LCI but also to share items from my personal collection as well.
  5. PT-658 and PT-659 were also built for the Russians but never delevered as the war ended befor this could happen. Of course you all know the 658 boat is now the worlds only operational boat in its WWII configuration but the 659 was not so lucky. The 659 was brought to Portland almost 20 years ago by the US Navy and given to the Oregon Military Museum at Camp Withycomb in Clackamas Oregon. The boat was eventually given to "Save the PT Boat Inc." and there were plans to restore it until that group found and aquired PT-658 in California. In 1996 the 659 boat was turned over to a group in
  6. PT-658 in Portland Oregon is the worlds only fully restored PT boat.
  7. OK here are the photos of the Dog Bowl I promised to post (Found that pesky camera). Enjoy. Oh and please be aware that the color of the hat is very much like that of the jumper shown in the previous post. For some reason, maybe the flash, the images show a pronounced blueish hue. This is an imaging artifact and not a true representation of the color of the item.
  8. Outstanding Robert, I appreciate it very much and shamelessly saved all the images myself :-) From the tone of the article in "All Hands" the uniform was approved for shipboard use. I have also heard that the grays for Officers and Senior Non Com's were not that enthusiastically embraced by the cadre and I do know that they were authorized up to some time in 1948. I have the "dog bowl" that goes with this jumper and was going to take some photos of it today but this morning I misplaced my camera before I could even get out of the house on my way to the LCI and did not have tim
  9. I have had a "dog Bowl" or "dixie Cup" hat in my collection for years now which was manufactured from gray fabric rather than dyed. I recently ran across this article from "All Hands" October 1943 p. 67 which beggars a question on my part (see end of post). "Gray Uniforms Authorized for Enlisted Men at Sea" "In order to provide protective coloration, slate gray working uniforms will be issued to all enlisted men serving at sea. The new uniform will not be ready for several months, and when available may be authorized for wear by enlisted personnel below the rating of CPO. The prese
  10. This is partially correct. The ship in question is the USS Washtenah Country (LST-1166) More specifics on the dispostion of this ship can be accessed at the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum website: http://www.amphibiousforces.org/ . Specifically try http://www.amphibiousforces.org/News/NewsC...1_AFMM_news.PDF (requires a PDF reader) Sam
  11. I have noted a variety of different berthing depending on the type of vessel in question. This weekend I will try to get some picks for you of the berthing on LCI(L)-713 when I go out to work on her. Here is one for the time being http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a311/Skytroop/Berthing.jpg Sam
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