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  1. Hello All, The grenade body in the photos below was picked up at a recent estate sale. Filled with lead to use as a weight it was dirty, rusty and with plaster clinging to the bottom half. I thought it was an abused and neglected WW2 model I could strip and re-paint. However, after removing the plaster bits, most rust and partially drilling out the lead fill this grenade has shown itself to be something quite different. The form of the grenade appears to be that of a 1930's MKII . It has a wider base with a 3/8" filled hole. It has 4
  2. Abomb

    My War Corner

    Hello, All, I had been planning a WW2 manikin display for the last year and now the shelter-in-place orders mandated by COVID-19 kept me inside to finish the job. The display could depict a 7th Army soldier in later 1944 in Italy or Southern France, I suppose. Recently watched the WW2 US Army film "San Pietro" on Netflix . Several soldiers outfits resembled what I put together( except for the axe). Mostly it displays items I have acquired over time: Double-buckle boots - belonged to a New Jersey doctor who served in the ETO and at Walter Reed Hospital. Woo
  3. This is an example of a GAR lapel button . It is 3/4 " in diameter and of bronze. It is made by Whitehead & Hoag of Newark, NJ (active 1892 - 1951). It is an "associate" member button with an obverse a bit different from the other veteran versions. photos below:
  4. Hello, This is the first M1 helmet I have acquired. It is a McCord front-seam swivel-bail type with a heat stamp, 809A, which dates it to Feb/March 1944. It has a liner marked with the Firestone logo over "Inland". The HBT webbing is boldly marked PKWP, which has been referenced as Paul K Wiel Co., a subcontractor that made the webbing. This helmet shows much wear from use such as a Golf-ball size dent, scratches , abrasions and paint streaks. The word or name, "HOLLER" or "HOLLEK" appears in inch-high capital letters. Just below this two large letters, F H , are scratched
  5. WW2 German Wehrmacht map case and contents TD patch and ribbon bar of Lt. J.P. Kehoe Shadows on flap left by pencils and scissors. The map case was purchased at an estate sale in 2017. Like others, I often look at a piece and think, "if only this thing could talk". There were many German items sold before I arrived and various U. S. items. I found a TD patch and partial ribbon bar for a Purple Heart, American Defense medal and a Silver Star but most US items were damaged paper items. These included a French language booklet "La Bataille d' Alsace". What the French knew as
  6. Hello, My sister gave me a wartime letter and photo, today. I transcribed the letter for the forum . Please, see it below: 16 Sept. 1998 Hello Sally: In trying to clean up my desk, I ran into a WWII photo that you may want to use with one of my contributions. It's a picture taken right at the end of the war in Europe in Eggenfelden, Bavaria. The town was unscathed and so our company decided to camp in the town square awaiting o
  7. Hello, all, I grab any interesting 13th Armored Division items. I obtained this greeting card recently with what I believe may be a Disney design. It has no Disney copyright but it has the right style, I think. Photos below. Bill G.
  8. Hello, all, I bought a hat with eagle insignia attached off EBAY against my better judgement. The eagle is the largest and most flamboyant thing I have ever seen. It almost has angel's wings . I assume it would be bought at a PX and not officially issued. Three inches high and unmarked. There is a single pin at the top on the back as well as the center screw post. It has left its imprint and greenish shadow on the peak and strap of the hat . The shadow perfectly matches the eagle. Though it has the officer eagle, the hat is a well-worn enlisted model with no mfr. label.
  9. Hello, The two Russian children's books are primers for learning the Cyrillic alphabet and basic reading. They have his serial number inscribed. I assume he needed these since the idea was to learn Serbo-Croatian and later work with Marshall Tito in the Balkans. Never happened, though.
  10. Hello, All, My sister was moving and dumped a load of family photos and papers on me because I said I would take them. These things had belonged to my father who passed away in 2002. I was hoping to find a small WW2 signal flag I spotted once. Instead, I found what can be seen in the photos below. There were two letters, each from two of my uncles who also served. One describes maneuvers with a full pack up and down desert hills. The other describes a busy time as mail clerk for a bomb group and his leave in London (girls and beer). There were orders to report to duty after i
  11. Here is a recently acquired example of an " Ethocel" plastic canteen . The best thing about it is that it came with what I believe is its original cup. Its singular history can be summarized from other sources as follows: These were produced and issued early in WW2 as a way to conserve strategic supplies of aluminum. The inability to heat beverages in the canteen , the bad taste imparted by the plastic and a tendency of the plastic canteen to crack up when frozen were major faults. Along these same lines, the accompanying cup appears to be zinc-plated steel . It is magnetic and
  12. Hello, I have framed a few paper items. In your case cutting a mat 1/4 " smaller than the measured dimensions of the letter will hide 1/8" under the edges of the mat opening all around. This can be done with careful placement. I have used clear photo corners to hold the document underneath without adhesive. This would be the most straightforward way, I think. It usually looks alright. Otherwise, you might find a mylar sleeve to fit the item. Cut mat board to the same dimension . Glue the sleeve to the mat board. Place your item in the sleeve. Prepare the display with a
  13. More pics from Fort DuPont, DE . Training in Spring 1941. 122nd Coast artillery Separate Battalion.
  14. Hello, I have been able to research many of the names since I have my father's wartime items regarding his battalion in the 13th Armored division. Below is what I was able to find on these names : Robert Ashpole "Bob" C company. T/5 from Thomson, IL Residing in Edwardsville, IL with wife Joyce as of 1992 13th Armored Association member James W Davidson 13th Armored Association member as of 1992. Riley C. Rogers "T.H." C T/4 from Lockney, TX 13th Armored Association member as of 1992 William W Gibson "GIB" 13th Armored
  15. Hello, Here is the cover and inside back cover of a 1945 issue of "Skyline", North American's magazine. The B-25 illustration shows how missile-equipped B-25s were being used by Marine squadrons to attack Japanese shipping.
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