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  1. Go ahead! I'm sure I am not the first one with the idea
  2. I am super excited to give it to him. I know he has been wanting to get something for a while but has been busy and hasn't got it done. I really had fun doing the research that went into it. I am extremely proud of my family's service to this country! In the future I will probably make one of these for myself but I might make it even more detailed.
  3. I thought you guys might like to see a christmas gift I made for my dad. I have obtained some patches and a pin from members here and am super grateful for their help of a fellow forum member!! I could not have made this without their help! My Great Grandfather is pictured at the turn of the century while he was in the Spanish-American war. He was a volunteer in the 2nd Oregon infantry "A" company. My Grandfather is pictured while in WW2 and was in the 10th Army and advanced to the rank of full colonel. My Dad is pictured as soon as he got commissioned in the Army in the very early part of the
  4. Those 3 war horses look great! Are they all numbers matching? Did you restore them your self? That picture of your Grandfathers grave really hits home for us all here!
  5. Wow, nice Type 38. I have a Type 99 my Grandfather brought back which I have shot before. Very nice Enfield as well!
  6. Wow!!! What a nice collection with lots of sentimental value! Many thanks to your Dad for the personal sacrifices he made in all those jumps. Every time it gets cold in the winter or I see snow I think of the men at The Battle of the Bulge and how much they gave!
  7. I do understand that many people do not have the same amount of family militaria that I have. I makes me feel blessed to have it and humbled and that I have a duty to preserve it for future generations! In addition to the bible I also have all his dress uniforms, records, field web gear, lots of pictures and doube buckle combat boots. Many years ago my grandfather gave my dad his 1911 that he carried in the war with matching holster. It is made by Ithica and is nearly mint condition with only minor wear and a slight scratch on it. I also over the years gained most of the IJA bringbacks as well
  8. For whatever reason I cant figure out how to edit my previous post so here are the pictures I said I would post
  9. I was wondering what item in your collection is the most valuable or meaningful to you? It could be worth a ton of money or maybe the value is all sentimental. Just post a pic or two if you have them so we can all see them. If you want to post the value of the item if you are comfortable that is great too. If you don't like someones item or disagree with them on value please keep your comments to your self! I will start by saying that my most valueable item to me is my Grandfathers military issue bible he carried with him in Okinawa. It is the standard brown cover pocket version but it is
  10. Good link!! Now I see how everything attatched to the pack! Now I just need to keep an eye out for a belly band and rifle strap to complete the pack.
  11. Hey guys, I wanted you opinion on this new find I just scored. I believe it to be a mountain rucksack from 1942 with the soldiers name and service number on it. His name is Pantley, J and his number is 734-65-48. I don't have any way to research this info so if someone is bored and wants a challenge I would be super grateful! The pack canvas is in great shape with no stains and the leather straps are supple and are all present. The only thing missing is the belly strap which is common I believe. I was wondering if this is rare, etc? Here are some photos so enjoy :thumbsup:
  12. This helmet is nothing short of amazing and has just become one of my favorite painted lids of all time!! Very nice and I am in awe of such an awesome piece of history!! Was this helmet in any books by chance?
  13. There are actually products out there that are for removing paint, etc from rubber and tires. Go to your local tire shop and see if they will sell you a can as they have it there to prep rubber surfaces for patching. Never use brake cleaner as it will destroy the rubber over time.
  14. Please do!!! I have a shell that needs some chin strap help!
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