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  1. I saw that M41 on Sgt. Chano a few years ago. Good job posting about it.
  2. Your handcart went on a diet.
  3. Trenchrat for the win. Bricks from the Schlueter factory for me. Doesn’t compare to 75 year old tampons.
  4. Huge effort. Well done.
  5. I had no idea such units existed. Thanks for posting.
  6. I always thought those were lights for marking paths or roads for vehicles to follow. Like attached to trees telling the drivers to go this way. Then used as bicycle lights as postwar surplus.
  7. I’ll take a guess. Early 1950’s officers taupe wool overcoat. Check that inside pocket for a label.
  8. The 1942 dated manual I have on I&R platoons shows a total of 7 jeeps and 30 men including the platoon leader. The pamphlet is called "Tactical Employment of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon, Headquarters Company, Infantry Regiment." It says nothing about armored units, but by 1944 I'm sure things changed.
  9. I have a training manual fot I&R platoons. I’ll have to dig it out. I remember it saying the members were to be selected of men who could speak a foreign language, ability to draw maps, and other skills like that. They were used in some cases as a quick reaction force because they were assigned 5 jeeps and could get around quickly. Such is the case with Lt. Lyle Bouck’s I&R platoon in the Ardennes. Read The Longest Winter, the Epic Story of WWII’s most Decorated Platoon. Good read. I agree the veteran in question was not assigned to one probably because there wa
  10. Lt. Hansen had the best job I've ever heard of in the army. Spending all day interviewing WAC's. Lucky guy!
  11. Is that .50 cal belts for the bottom straps?
  12. Was there today. Very well done. A must see if traveling through Oklahoma City.
  13. I've used a WWII impressions one for years. Spot on repro. If you can wait, get one of those. With use and a few snags it looks like an original.
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