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  1. If I was working a post, I'd hit the gravel motor pool areas, you couldn't keep a brick in your fatigue pocket let alone coins.
  2. Hard news to hear, a wonderful man and great friend, my condolence to Linda and the family...George
  3. That is a very nice tab and the condition is outstanding for sure..
  4. How about the National Guard Recruiters Badges, they've changed them I think also, both in design and color?
  5. Shaved in it several times, but never cooked in it, did heat stuff up in canteen cup though with C4.
  6. Kansas City would probably be right for the 110th as I think they were part of the 35th ID out of Missouri during the pre-war years.
  7. Not best photo for detail, but first blush is a US fully embroidered example.
  8. Not at your tables, but an area next to hall, bring a cart if your items are heavy, it can be a little walk, but really much better than coming in from the parking lot with your goods.
  9. With a motion and a second I'm voting yes it is YMCA
  10. Thanks for the information, I remember passing on some still tied to the display cards at one of the old Covington Ky. Drawbridge shows, wish I'd of bought some as the dealer had three cards full as I remember.
  11. Didn't Grey Iron do a series of smaller unpainted figure that look like pre-WWI soldiers?
  12. Wear comfortable clothing and good shoes, leave your bulky jacket at home.
  13. Yes there was a large return from Greece a few years ago, it had a load of 1903 A1's in it and most were in decent shootable shape. I think Korea is sitting on a bunch of M-1 Carbines and Garands also.
  14. CMP doesn't buy these weapons on the open surplus market. The Army turns them over to the CMP, now where they returned from over seas likely but usually this kind of information is not put out. I think you can find articles on the latest return from the Phillipines of M-1
  15. At Ft. Campbell in 67 we saw both yellow and white on the ranges, but from looking at the pictures they were liners not M-1 steel.
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