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  1. That's unusual patch for sure and the first I've ever seen, but my thoughts are it is a 2nd Army Engineer and not a 2nd Eng. Regt. That is a keeper for sure...
  2. Every time I go over these again I am amazed as to what is out there, expand my horizon, heck I can't see that far.
  3. Can't help much on pricing but would think you could go to ebay and should give you idea of what they're going for.
  4. They all look good to me, probably Gemsco overlays
  5. It's a Remington, Winchester did not make 1903's. And agree the receiver has been tapped for scope mount and filled in. Should be a good shooter though.
  6. Markings look good to me and the number under it is probably the soldiers company number (roster), looks like it is ID'd faintly with ASN also?
  7. I'm going to agree with Bob on these, the 44th looks Korean made to me..George
  8. I think the markings are for Company L 32nd Infantry, the number 16 is probably his company roster number, used before serial numbers were assigned at the start of our involvement in WWI.
  9. I'm not aware of any such data base being available, but the serial number can be traced to certain blocks which were assigned to various units. Not sure that all can be so traced or narrowed down but believe that information was discussed once at least on this forum.
  10. Yes it is associated with armor units, insignia is French I believe and was adopted by US units.
  11. Never seen one in color but no question it is a MG badge, so I guess I'm seconding the above motion...George
  12. I agree all three look original to the period.
  13. Just to prove that just went over this again, lot of information to sink into an old head....
  14. Not a patch King, looks OK to me.
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