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  1. Much appreciated Donald regards Phill
  2. Thanks Tolzer That seems to be a relative new company (1995)?Jewelry, Watch, Precious Stone, and Precious Metal Merchant Wholesalers They are not listed on The TIOH listed manufacturer supplier list. https://tioh.army.mil/Catalog/VendorList.aspx International Insignia Corp is RI however they are I21 Phill
  3. Hi Team Have searched thru the forum , books and hallmarks but couldnt find manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated. Phill
  4. Hi Allan Good discussion for sure and thats what this community is all about. I do agree with you and acknowledge your years of experiance in collecting. I had to recheck my collection to find out if I had a 9 feather 2ID, which I do. I have/had grouped my Korean-early 1960's era 2D together. The top row Left has 10 feathers, when you handle the patch it is not have that look and feel of WWII compared to my other WWII era 2ID. It also has that extended twill,typical of 1950's era SSI. Top Row Right has 9 feathers ironically I only put thi
  5. Hi Allan Below is Dec 1948 was this updated in 1950 to show the change? Did all manufacturers changed to 9 feathers (by changing the tape or having new ones made) from the Korean war or did they use WWII era SSI Yes I have 9 feathers ME re below 2013 superseded 1968 TIOH drawing Phill
  6. Hi Would this be in the same boat? A G-23 Made in USA Ira Green. This came from a NZ/Brit SAS individual who collected from units he worked with late 60's-70's Phill
  7. The simple answer is no. The amount of feathers changed with each manufacturer over the various years and periods , it is simply a manufacturers "artistic liscense" if there are any changes. I have an interwar 1922-25 period with 9 and differant bonnet and a late 20's-1930's with 10. The late H Ross Fords excellent SSI of the AEF 1918-19 has official AEF drawing of 11 or 12. The known WWI 2ID embroidered Indian Head on star for putting the the various shapes and colours has 12 (on my 2-23-2ID). Phill
  8. OMQC drawing 1944 has 10 feathers on the bonnet. However as we know manufacturers were known to interpret from the drawings,when in the design stage, the sketcher and enlarger could and did make changes to the enlaged cartoon, so you can get variations in feathers, fascial design, OD border etc... Phill
  9. Hi Ben The plastic film on the back is an adhesive backing, the idea is to iron where the SSI is to go and manouvre into place then have it sewn on. This started around the mid 80's. The cut edge patches are unfinished and need a merrow edge. The manufacturer stopped adding the ME probably because the DCU patches were being phased out in the mid 2000's. All of your patches are US made and date from the 90's. Desert subdued were worn from 1998-2006 (approx). Phill
  10. Vance is on the right track. It would hard to nail it down. From US Army Fort Leonard Wood: During World War II, U.S. Army troops served in every theater of operation. The continental United States was designated as the American Theater of Operations and was commonly referred to as the Zone of Interior (ZI). The War Department specified the formation of over fifty ZI military police battalions – which were augmented by the Auxiliary Military Police. Comprised of civilian personnel, the Auxiliary Military Police was trained and supervised by the Military Pol
  11. Hi there Rayon was the standard thread used from WWII to mid 50's on US Army authorized SSI and in all patches until it wass replaced with polyester thread from the mid 50's onwards due to being cheaper , easier accssess, colour fastening, strength and the range of colours. Prior to WWII pre 1935 silk thread would of been used. All I can say is in my collection(I do have the 9th) I wouldnt have these as WWII era. There are certain embroidery traits collectors look for. Remember there werent many Phantom Division patches produced for Deception and those that were ,
  12. Apologies late reply. Thank you manayunkman for posting those groupings. Phill
  13. Hi there 25th ID is the only authentic army 1950-60's SSI. All phantom/12th Phillipines Div. patches are reproductions ,there are no WWII era amongst them. Note the uncut uneven twill, the thread looks to be polyester , should be rayon thread are a sign of reproductions. There is no merrowed edge (came into use from 1966/67) amongst this lot all are what is known as cut edge. Phill
  14. Thanks PQD Much appreciated for the indepth responce. I have checked Heroes in our midst series , which has many variations. Please set up a thread in the SSI section and maybe people can add more info , as there a re a few Airborne collectors on the forum. I'm not a fan of the one I showed , easilly reproduced especially the cottage industry for Airborne reinactors. Thanks to demar for your input. cheers Phill
  15. Hi Team What are your opinions on this arm flag, would it be WWII era or reporduction. cheers Phill
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