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  1. Great work, impressive.
  2. Indeed nice pick up’s for a flea market
  3. irish

    Bill Wise

    Oh man, what a shock. He was supposed to be rehabbing his ankle and getting back to normal. He will be missed.
  4. Well done. Is this an original creation or patterned off a existing piece.?
  5. Fantastic piece of history
  6. Keep them coming Mike. it is nice to see these scarce items.
  7. thanks, I used to have a subscription to this mag but let it lapse a few years ago. Will have to go in and see if I can find a copy
  8. I have seen some invasion arm bands posted recently and thought I would post these. Both belonging to a group from a Greek 3rd Contingent OSS soldier. He had participated in a number of 3rd Contingent missions during the war . In Greece they destroyed rail lines and bridges. As well ambushed German Trains and troops . There were also missions into the surrounding islands. To my knowledge these missions were all amphibious insertions, however he was jump qualified. The first armband shown is the type could be wrapped around the arm and fastened with a pin. This example was trimmed and sewn down to a jacket... It has seen some use. Second is the type most often seen on A-2 jackets and made in Italy. It appears to have not been worn. These items may have been posted by me before as part of the larger group, but cannot recall.
  9. Very nice piece. Maybe stating the obvious but is UST = U.S. Troops. Unsure if this terminology was used back then.
  10. Hey Bill, hope you are doing good. Even a blind man finds a treasure every now and then. JK
  11. After leaving the 33rd New Jersey and 20th Corps Major Lambert went to Washington D.C. to serve on the staff of General O.B. Wilcox.... This is the hat badge he wore until mustered out ln July 1865.
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