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  1. I had never heard specifically of the bulk purchase before. Anyone involved is likely gone now. I have seen some scarce Whitehead and Hoag pieces That were purportedly made for collectors back in those days so I guess it is possible. You would almost need to have both pieces side by side to say for sure. I have 2 of these pieces in my collection that are theater made and coming out of Jay Massaros’ collection.
  2. Either way they are some beauties for sure. The top Tier of Japanese made patch art.
  3. Thanks Randy, just got the 89th BS. I was never able to put these service units together With the unit but it sounds like you may have a possibility there. Is there an Id on the bottom patch.
  4. Bottom patch has never been identified to my knowledge. Top patch central design is a bomb squadron or group Pacific Theater, the number escapes me at the moment. The additional border designations are Un-related and were to show design capabilities of this tailor. This banner appeared on the cover of Trading Post and there may be more info in that article.
  5. The Chaplain patches are unique, have never seen either before. Agreed for a party suit.
  6. Interesting in that their locations would cater mainly to the British. Delhi and Cairo.
  7. Thanks Fellas, appreciate all of the input...
  8. Thank you for the information on this maker. When I seen them the maker name was not familiar To me. Jack
  9. I believe these are from between the wars based on their appearance.? ... J.A. Meyers & Co and Sterling marked. Has a drop in pin that opens to 90 degrees. Nice looking set of wings IMO... as I am not a wing collector but found these recently. Am I correct on the between the wars time period?
  10. Do you think either were wigs?.... they can do some amazing stuff, even back then.
  11. this seller is well known to collectors from Great Britain.... steer clear... way clear
  12. About a day and half by car bout a day and half by car straight drive time give or take a few hours either way
  13. Great stuff, thanks for taking the time to post.
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