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  1. Following both these lot’s to see where they end up. They have both cracked the 1K mark with one group over $1100.00..... people are dedicated to their 101st patches.
  2. Just from the photo posted the colors are brighter, as opposed to the original in which the colors are softer... this may be the effect of age but as Bill said it is harsh.
  3. Hey Blacksmith this is sage advice and outlookbelow ..I follow the same rules. Seems as though some individuals want to retire off their militaria sales. “And just my personal philosophy, but if I find a $20 item for $5 at a yard sale, I’m happy selling it for $10. I make a 100% profit, and pass an item to a fellow collector at an attractive price. I don’t have to “shoot the moon” on everything I sell. Honestly, break-even is what happens often for me, and I’m good with that. The market continues to soften on most collectables, including militaria, so I shouldn’t expect to get
  4. I will echo this. The Facebook group shown has worked well for me.... give it a try...it is also real simple.
  5. The first thing I thought of was the Dutch Order of Orange. Not widely awarded to Americans however some officers did receive it in WW2... that is A wag.
  6. Agree 100% with Dave.... DI mottos catalog...don’t leave home without it.
  7. I watched it like others. Too much for just the the tab IMO. The 3669 Medium Maint Ordnance patch is post war I believe. They were part of Montana National Guard or Reserve. Not sure if they served in WW2,.. if so that may have brought the price up a bit. Or it was shutin Covid angst bidding.
  8. Thanks Wake... the bullion rates are a bit tougher. They both came together so I am assuming same wearer for both.
  9. Can any of our erudite rate collectors give me an idea of the era on these 2 rates. I am leaning towards WW2 but just not 100% sure...Thanks in advance
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