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  1. "R" on Red is older version of Roosevelt HS - Honolulu, HI "C" is older version of Cooley HS - Detroit,MI "J" is older version of Joplin HS - Joplin, MO Blue Cross is older version of El Paso HS - El Paso, TX "D w/ Helmet" is older version of University of Detroit - Detroit, MI "Lion Head" is older version of Univ of North Alabama - Florence, AL
  2. The patch looks similar to the St. John's Military Academy (Delafield, WI) series of Company Patches - but its not the same as the ones I have. The buttons indicate Morgan Park Military Academy (Chicago, IL). The patch could be part of a company series for Morgan Park, but I've never seen one before.
  3. JROTC Patch - McKinley High School - Honolulu, Hawaii
  4. I don't recall the actual school - it is a 1930's or so rotc patch for one of the high schools in Long Beach, California
  5. The button looks very similar to the hat badge for Army & Navy Academy - Carlsbad California
  6. I think is for the Manlius School a private military school that is now defunct.
  7. looks similar to some of the hat badges worn by various military school or academies (ie. ROTC)
  8. "PMA" Hat badge probably for either Peacock Military Academy, San Antonio, TX (now defunct) or Peekskill Military Academy, Peekskill, NY (now defunct) or Ponca Military Academy, Ponca, OK (now defunct)
  9. This is an ROTC Patch for the University of Cincinnati ASMIC Catalog #C71
  10. This is a ROTC Patch for Arkansas Technical University, ASMIC Catalog #A32
  11. It looks like it may be an older California Cadet Corps Unit Patch - They tend to be made with the Battalion Number as part of the patch. In checking there is a Lindsay HS in Lindsay, CA, but I couldn't find out if it currently participates in the CCC program. The patch is similar to several CCC patches that I have. Hope this helps.
  12. The patch on the left is a SrROTC patch For Drexel Institute of Technology (now Drexel University) in Philadelphia, PA. It is cataloged as D36 in the ASMIC SrROTC Catalog.
  13. This is a JROTC patch for Melrose High School in Memphis, Tn. It is number M116, in the ASMIC ROTC Catalog. As far as the ASMIC ROTC Catalogs go - they have never been printed as a whole. Back in the 80's they put out portions of the ROTC Patch & DI catalogs in the Trading Post. You basically have to cobble together the entire catalog on your own. Additionally, I have kept adding any updates and new insignia as the information presents itself in the Trading Post. One other source for the JROTC insignia is the Institute of Heraldry website. They have a pretty good representation of a
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