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  1. Hey fellas does anyone know right off hand the issue dates for the MC-1? My Grandfather was in The 101st in 59 through 62 and I wanted to know if he would have been possibly issued this knife. Thanks again o gurus of grunt gear...
  2. I have a Mod 1917 bolo listed in the for sale section that has a bent guard. The bend appears to be manufactured purposely? It fits perfectly in the tin scabbard with the bend. Has anyone seen another like it? It never occured to me that she was"nt constructed this way as there is no indication that it sustained any type of damage to the guard in any way. It is a perfect bend. Check it out, I don't want to present something as original if it is not. Pics in the for sale section.
  3. I wouldn't think it would packed in a 1957 bag for issue as it is not dyed black ( thank God ). Beautiful piece .
  4. Well I'll be dipped. You are correct sir. Stupid internet...
  5. Just for the record... I do know how to spell " airborne" correctly. Just whiffed on that one I guess.
  6. I know there are a ton of repros of these out there. This one was a present from an old friend and collector. Said he picked it up in the early 70s. I researched as much as I could online. Looks very similiar to one on Mark Bandos 101st website. What do ya'll think?
  7. Very nice indeed. I collect WWI and WWII bibles and heart safes ( among many other things...). I have yet to fnd a Navy bible. I'm sure the Lord will provide one someday.
  8. Anyone seen anything like these? Last pic is of unit markings on one of the handles.
  9. Both cups dated 1918. The last pic is of unit markings, WWI I'm guessing. What do you think, Civilian Conservation Corp?
  10. I have a couple of 1918 dated M1910 canteen cups with identically stamped C.C.C. on the handles. Do you think its possible it stands for the Civilian Consevation Corps? I will try to post some pics if I can get around to it.
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