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  1. Wow all of those items are just fantastic seige!
  2. Well I'll be damned that is one I have never seen before. FANTASTIC IKE!!
  3. I remember your other items as well Seige and man this just tops it all off! Beautiful grouping you scored here! It looks like the DI's on his blouse may have been embroidered?? Or am I just imagining things? He's certainly the poster boy for the Army of WWII... CJW
  4. Hey thanks for the comment there buddy. This one is a College Hall piece. Dated March of 1944. You're right about the ribbons and his campaigns. Back then it was considered your duty as a Marine to naturally and unhesitatingly do things that would earn you medals in other branches. In the Corps it was just what you did. Remember someone once said,"If I gave out medals for every act of bravery performed by one of my Marines, I'd have to have a special clerk just to keep up with the paperwork." God knows nearly all of them deserved more than they ever got in return. Semper Fi Bro, CJW
  5. Hey guys, This little group came from a fellow member of my VFW Post. He had just shipped out from Great Lakes to go aboard USS Pennsylvania in the last week of November 1941. Talk about timming! Eventually he completed 5 Campaigns in the Pacific with the last ship he was on being a heavy cruiser. One of the coolest parts of this group are the photos. All in all I think there are about 80. The best of all are the hand full of original color prints taken at Pearl on his way home in 1945. Enjoy, CJW
  6. Here's just a quick shot of a uniform that belonged to a man from my hometown. He served with A/1/5 at Guadalcanal and New Britain where he was wounded. He returned to the states to recover from his wounds. His last duty station was as a junior DI at MCRD San Diego. CJW
  7. I agree I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary here. Looks just like I would expect it to...
  8. I've got to agree with you on your possible history Justin. I have only seen one of those type ETO patches before done in the vinyl type material. However it did not have the tab or the western arc below. Simply a vinyl ETO Ad Base. Anyway how did I miss this thing?!?!?!
  9. I am in agreement with your point about the 1948 redeployment of the 17th as well as their subsequent training division status. This was about the time he went reserve status as well. So i sure see where that may be accurate. And you're right he wouldn't be the first Reserve officer I have seen with incomplete NARA records. Thanks for your input! Colin
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