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  1. I'm not sure if the bullion Aviator wing on this unnamed Navy Ensign's high-collar coat qualifies as a WWI example? But it does seem to fit the WWI to mid-1920's era... (Note the left-facing eagle on the bell-crown.)
  2. Yes, that pattern Dondero comes in both hallmarked and unmarked... pin-back and clutch-back... as well as sterling, or silver wash...
  3. Pete, your "two points" are well taken and can't be ignored. The USAAC bullion Pilot wings produced in the 1920's were made in a "wide" variety of widths and designs. It wasn't until later in that decade and into the 1930's that we see more of a standardization in Pilot wing size. Even though I'd like to see a bit more age and patina on that presumed ninety-plus year old bullion, the embroidery and early off-white cheesecloth construction depicted on the back sure speaks volumes with me. Your oversize example compares favorably with other early oversize bullion wings...
  4. Here's an image of the manufacturer's label sewn inside the clutch-purse. I wonder how many other high-quality bullion USAAF aerial ratings were made by this India/Egypt company?
  5. Picking up where we left off six years ago... There's a current ebay auction (#283541135986) offering a WWII era CBI-made women's black velvet clutch purse with a nearly identical oversize embroidered bullion Command Pilot wing, as illustrated above. That unique and very detailed bullion knot design is again prevalent. (FYI, I have no connection or relationship with that ebay listing.)
  6. Hello Gap,


    If your listed Conn Civil Air Patrol patch is still available for $12.00, I'd like to buy it...


    With kind regards,

    Russ Wilson  

  7. Very cool Chris! I had no idea Tiffany & Co. jumped back into the game in the 1960's...
  8. Dominique, you're on a roll with all of those nice British-made wings you've been adding to your collection!
  9. Marty, with the aid of a loupe, I don't see any residual gilt in the recesses of the front feathering... so I don't believe any gold wash was removed to create the two-tone design? I've seen several different WWI era badge producers turnout similar wings with gilt shields and silver wings in a variety of sizes. Each company looking to add just the right touch of gilt bling to attract a buyer, I assume? Here's another combination gilt shield with silver wings:
  10. Dominique, my first impressions lean towards all three of your wings being authentic WWII era badges. I don't see any obvious red-flags of concern outside of the possible blotchiness on the reverse. I feel the nice detail on the front of each wing, as well as the slight wear and natural toning, are all consistent with period silver plating. Unfortunately, I've not knowingly handled any of the Gaunt reproductions MtnMan made reference to in his related and very detailed thread. I look forward to hearing the varied opinions of our members...
  11. To echo Pete's very appropriate statement, "Chris, Thank you for another great post." The unknown jeweler didn't miss a beat with those asymmetrical characteristics when he produced the same design in two-inch and sweetheart sizes either. Here's a couple of two-inchers...
  12. Thank you all for your kind responses. And an extra bit of gratitude to Bob and Mike for their shared knowledge concerning Gaunt hallmarks and British cartouches. I've attached a couple of comparison images of the Gaunt "Sterling" example below a nice silver-plated example just for chit-and-chatter.
  13. Here's a tough-to-find J.R. Gaunt-produced full size Observer's badge marked with "STERLING" and three British cartouches, plus the older standard "JR Gaunt" hallmark and the more recent "JRG&S" (JR Gaunt & Sons) hallmark.
  14. Wow! What a nice Kelly Field patch! I especially like the way they incorporated the USAAF colors into the PT design! Thanks for posting... And thank you Tod for posting the additional info on the Twenty-nine Palms Flight School. It's all worthy info...
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