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    U.S. History (1861 to the present). U.S. aviation insignia, badges, patches, photos and uniforms (1913 to 1945). U.S. Political campaign buttons (McKinley to Nixon). U.S. Commercial airlines pilot insignia (1930's to 1960's). Ocean fishing (Albacore, Blue Fin, or any thing that bites!)

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  1. Nicely done Marty! You've got to love those unique thick-hinged pins found on the back of Josten produced badges.
  2. rustywings


    With that raised "O" superimposed on the Civil Air Patrol logo, I believe the badge represents an Observer, rather than Pilot rating.
  3. Pan American Airways stars denote rank... One star indicates First Officer; two stars identifies the rank of Captain or Senior Pilot; and three stars represents Master Pilot or Chief Pilot.
  4. Terrific images Matt! Thank you for your additional camera efforts. You’ve added a very desirable piece to your collection... and we’re all benefiting from it!
  5. Wow Matt! What a handsome Airship variation! Link Co. made a number of bronze-base with silver wash Airship Pilot badge variations... but I don’t believe they ever bothered to stamp theirs with a “Bronze” mark. Your BB&B Bronze marked example is a first for me and a delight to see! Thank you for sharing your hallmark images. May we have a peek at the front design?
  6. I think Marty is spot-on with his evaluation! It's a really nice bracelet... period.
  7. Looks like that CC Moseley wing illustrated above is back in play with a $1,200.00 buy-it-now... Check out ebay #274516624785
  8. I agree with Patrick... Wonderful images Chuck! Thank you for your efforts to share those outstanding Enlisted Pilot images... With Chuck, Cliff and Chris posting again, life is finally returning to normal! Thank you all!
  9. It's a "G.W. Haltom" hallmarked badge... There's a digit missing in his item number... Check out ebay #324300561291 for additional...
  10. I'm not sure if the bullion Aviator wing on this unnamed Navy Ensign's high-collar coat qualifies as a WWI example? But it does seem to fit the WWI to mid-1920's era... (Note the left-facing eagle on the bell-crown.)
  11. Yes, that pattern Dondero comes in both hallmarked and unmarked... pin-back and clutch-back... as well as sterling, or silver wash...
  12. Pete, your "two points" are well taken and can't be ignored. The USAAC bullion Pilot wings produced in the 1920's were made in a "wide" variety of widths and designs. It wasn't until later in that decade and into the 1930's that we see more of a standardization in Pilot wing size. Even though I'd like to see a bit more age and patina on that presumed ninety-plus year old bullion, the embroidery and early off-white cheesecloth construction depicted on the back sure speaks volumes with me. Your oversize example compares favorably with other early oversize bullion wings...
  13. Here's an image of the manufacturer's label sewn inside the clutch-purse. I wonder how many other high-quality bullion USAAF aerial ratings were made by this India/Egypt company?
  14. Picking up where we left off six years ago... There's a current ebay auction (#283541135986) offering a WWII era CBI-made women's black velvet clutch purse with a nearly identical oversize embroidered bullion Command Pilot wing, as illustrated above. That unique and very detailed bullion knot design is again prevalent. (FYI, I have no connection or relationship with that ebay listing.)
  15. Hello Gap,


    If your listed Conn Civil Air Patrol patch is still available for $12.00, I'd like to buy it...


    With kind regards,

    Russ Wilson  

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