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  1. I got to give you the love on that one Hawkdriver for that sound like a plan that one could only come up in the middle of a war zone
  2. My dad was in WW2 as a navy guy and on a Destoryer and he said it was common place to shoot first and ask question later when it to the skys over Okinawa area where they partol on picket duty ..He said that when it came to any plane it better to shoot first and ask question later when it came to beening first in line on picket duty there My dad tells me of a story about His commanding officer once told a pilot over the radio you have two second's to tell me the code or you getting shot out of the sky if you pass overhead low enough for use to target you ..After that most of the Americ
  3. I know this for a basic fact's when we do barrack searchs on the female's the late 70's to the late 80's they where allowed to put there stuff on the bed after we had gone through it and it was a mixture of civ & military stuff in the way of underwear & bra's and other female clothing .. Those search's was the fast i have ever done in my life because of one comment made by a female LT who was in charge of the barrack and office's for the women and other male personal .She goes if your mother only knew what you where doing right now with women undergrament would she be proud of you
  4. thank you for the reply because i never heard of that one before about lack of fund's part..I have heard of the good of the service or medical or even a person is needed at home..but never the lack of fund's part of the military .. I know that some of the guys where kept and they where paid less than the orignal amount of the pay but that was something that they knew was comeing ..Dureing the great depression one of my great uncle's talked about him beening paid about $15.oo dollar's a month less than he would normaly got for his rank of Sergeant in the Marine's ..He stayed in because of g
  5. Great looking jumper and pant's there and the peacoat is also great.. But a stupid question what is lack of funds discharge ..I do not get that one ..
  6. i going to do a WW2 Naval personal Liveing history crew with a group i found..Does anyone know how to do the ties and rolls for a layout like that.. Also what in the ditty bag that they are useing also in the photo there ..
  7. I'm looking for a photo's of the US Naval personal seabag layed out for uniform inspection with it complete invertory of the seabag that was issused to a person in the Navy time of WW2 era .. Thank for the info
  8. henry2

    Navy work shirt

    where i had been station both with Army & Naval personal on a base where all branchs of the service was at in southern Italy ..it was sight and pleasure to see some of the older guys who gotten out of the army and had join the navy and when they where in dress uniform there uniforms look like something from a opera where the socalled hero was dress up but these guys had did it in real life.. one guy there had the DSC and it was funny to stand next to him in uniform inspection time there in Italy and have the officers stop and look at his chest full of medals and then watch them just p
  9. how comfortable is some of this gear when it beening worn inside a cockpit ..i know from drills wearing the flight suit it was not my flavorite thing to wear when dureing cqb entry drills
  10. i have been thinking about and i would like to do a US Navy liveing history crew on a somewhere ..does anyone know of one on the west coast area around the bay area to do something like that .. i want to honor my dad service in ww2 as a navy guy ..
  11. my wife was from Ireland and she was something else at times ..she came over just before her 16th birthday and i meet her just after her 19th birthday and she was still had the thick accent and the ways of Irish and it was funny at times when her and our ways would hit each other saight on at times..
  12. I met guys who knew knowing of the outside world but the military but never went above a paygrade of E5 or E6
  13. But i would like to see the reports on those things happen
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