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  1. If you'll note the caption of the Find A Grave photo it says "This marker was found in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama in Aug. 2019. Could it belong here? Contact the Madison County sheriff's office." Seems it was posted there 5 days ago on the offhand chance it belonged to the individual listed on that Find A Grave entry. The original entry for Bennie White was made in September of 2012 according to Find A Grave. Edited to add: How to explain the difference in Huntsville, TX and Huntsville, AL I have no idea...
  2. Hi nirvana. The dimensions of the flag are approximately 30" wide and 19" tall. I will get some pics of the tag and info on the pole sleeve this evening or tomorrow (have to head to work at the moment). Thanks for the reply!
  3. Thank you for the reply, Major Z! I have no idea on the D-4 but I appreciate the input very much.
  4. Thank you for the reply, Mr. Jerry! I didn't realize having the unit insignia was that unusual. Unfortunately I picked this up at the Highway 127 Yard Sale (aka the 900 mile yard sale) last weekend. It was at a booth set up by a young man who ran a junk store just outside of Crossville, TN. I could probably track him down, but the effort would start with a 2 hour drive...so it won't be done anytime in the near future I'm afraid. I hadn't seen much in the way of militaria all day and stumbled across this guidon just before we were heading back home and right before a severe thunderstorm hit...w
  5. Thanks 268th C.A.! I thought it was a very good price. This is my first guidon, so I was quite happy to pick it up. And Back to School is appropriate for this time of year, isn't it?
  6. Greetings all! I recently picked up a guidon at a yard sale. It is wool and approximately 19" tall by 30" wide. It is in average condition with some moth nips, one period repair and a small tear to the upper point. The Quartermaster Tag Inside the pole sleeve is almost completely washed out, unfortunately. I know it is for the Service Forces, obviously. Would anyone know the significance of the BTS and the D-4 sewn on the above and below the Service Forces emblem? The reverse of the flag has the same emblem and BTS but without the D-4. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Though it's
  7. Mea Culpa. Sorry Jeff. I mentioned what I had been told last year by a guest (but neither a veteran nor collector/dealer himself). I didn't mean to open a can of worms for you! Great to know the veteran program will continue. I appreciate the hard work that goes into the SOS and making it the great event it is... Kevin
  8. Is there any word on whether the veteran guests will be returning? Last year I was told by someone in the vet area that discontinuing that practice was under consideration, given the age of our WW2 heroes and other things involving logistics, interest, etc.
  9. I agree. I've taken a WWII fixed bail M1 and a WWII A-9 summer flight helmet with me for the last 4 Show of Shows and have asked veteran guests to sign them. Those helmets are now two of my favorite pieces in my collection. I take a silver permanent marker to use when signing the M1 so the signature shows up. The vets have been extremely gracious. The veteran guests are one of my favorite parts of the Show of Shows. If you go, take the time to spend time and talk with them.
  10. That'll definitely help! LOL But if I don't make it by that weekend, can I take a rain check for the SOS?
  11. Haven't been to that show in over a decade, but it was always a fantastic event! Robert, that adult admission charge seems a little steep at $810!
  12. Louisville, KY. If you ever get the chance to go, 101, I highly recommend it!!! http://www.sosovms.com/ If that far ahead includes counting the days and scraping together some extra cash to spend, I'm right there with you, S! I heard some rumblings from folks last year that the show was considering discontinuing having the veteran guests. Has anyone heard anything in that regard? I hope that's not the case but understand if it is.
  13. I highly recommend our own Robert Wilson of Tarbridge Military Collectibles. Here is a link to his website. http://www.purpleheartsnorthcarolina.com/ Robert is a top-notch gentleman to deal with and I would recommend him with NO hesitation. Robert sells in our For Sale section here quite often. Kevin PS Robert, you can make the check out to kvskelton. Just kidding!
  14. Robert, thank you for sharing such a sobering, moving story. I hope you don't mind me resurrecting this thread, but I recently acquired the officially engraved Purple Heart to a Tec 3 of the 105th Medical Battalion. The 105th was assigned to the 30th ID and stationed at Malmedy when this this soldier was killed. He was mortally wounded and died of those wounds on 26 December 1944. In researching this soldier, I found his death described in the book "30th Medical Department Diary" as follows: The bomb hit about fifty feet behind the building in which Medical Supply was located. Tec 3 Henry
  15. Fantastic work! There was a battery of Williams Guns deployed at the Battle of Blue Springs, TN (10 October 1863) near present day Mosheim in Greene County, TN. Years ago when I was a reenactor (1988-1998) I participated in this even and one year a replica of a Williams Gun was present and actually took part. It could very well have been the gun pictured. Here is a link about the battle: http://www.mycivilwar.com/battles/631010c.html And a mention of the Williams Guns from the site: Carter probed the Confederate front again around the 7th, skirmished, and withdrew; at 10:00 A.M. on
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