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  1. 76 years ago today the Exercise Tiger tragedy took place. Here is a photo of LST 507 which was lost that night. The photo was taken by M I C H A E L M A Z U R a crew member aboard LST 55. This photo was taken in Brixham Harbour the day before the Exercise. Below is a brief history of that night taken from ExerciseTiger.org.uk For another item related to Exercise Tiger please see my collection thread in the Displays section. April 1944, preparations for the Normandy Landings were well under way. All around the British Isles, men and women of various nationalities were mak
  2. Its been a while since i posted any updates of my collection but it seemed fitting to do so today the 76th Anniversary of the Exercise Tiger Tragedy. From my personal collection I have posted 2 items, the first a photograph of LST 507 lost in the early hours of the 28th of April after being hit by 2 German Torpedoes. The ship caught fire and lost all electrical power before sinking forcing her naval crew and Army passengers into the freezing water of the English Channel. This photo was taken in Brixham harbour the day before 507 was lost by a crew member on board LST 55 and forms part of a lar
  3. So after almost a year there have been a lot of changes to my collection as I focus on my Normandy and Medical collections. I will add some new photos of my collection room and focus on my Normandy items as we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D Day. To start in case its missed in the ephemera section here is a V mail written on the eve of D day by Harold Morgan a member of the 17th infantry regiment 29th division who landed as part of the follow up forces most likely on D+1 he would fight in Normandy until being captured by the Germans during the fighting to take St Lo.
  4. To mark the 75th anniversary of D Day and the start of the Battle of Normandy I wanted to share with you this V mail written on the 5th of June somewhere in the English channel. You may of seen it before as it once once in the collection of another forum member who kindly sold it to me a few years ago but even so I think its worth sharing again. Harold Morgan was a member of HQ company of the 175th infantry regiment of the 29th Division and part of the divisional reserve most likely landing late on the 6th or more likely on the 7th of June. He would eventually be captured near St Lo during
  5. Thank you all for your kind messages about my collection and Ronnie thank your for sharing your photo he looks like he's having a great time. This is actually my old room and a lot of what you see has gone so I can focus on the Normandy Campaign and my Medical collections. Joop I still have the 447th group I know there are a few items such as his flying helmet that are still out there. I will be updating my new collection topic soon. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the kind words, Yes that is a vehicle siren I bought it directly from a farmer in Normandy along with a Wehrmacht jerry can which had been found on his land. The siren still has a lot of its OD paint and has obvious shrapnel damage. I will post a better photo when I can.
  7. A few more general views of the room. Most of my field gear, I have everything I need with the exception of boots for a full D Day mannequin but no space, for now anyway. Part of my 8th airforce display.
  8. Thanks both for the nice comments, i'm really pleased with the Detolf cases although I spend too much time rearranging them
  9. And one more, the Red Cross at the back is a Medical marked meat can pouch. More to come.
  10. First up in detail my Combat aidman display.
  11. Two views of the Display cabinets. Medical and Normandy items (U.S. British/Canadian) as well as personal items, Relics from Normandy. Ration stuff. 8th Airforce 91st Bomb Group and a small TR display.
  12. So after 2 long years of having to store the collection away I have finally settled in a new house and have a dedicated "War Room" It's not huge but I couldn't be happier. I used to live near to a lot of former 8th Airforce bases but now I live In Dorset on the doorstep of the D Day Marshalling areas and the port used by the Omaha beach landing force. Since I first displayed my collection 5 years ago a lot of items have been sold to concentrate on my medical and Normandy items, but i still have an 8th AAF collection focused on B17 groups as well. I initially thought of just adding to my pr
  13. Bringing this thread back to the top in memory of PFC Edward Coleman of the 315th Infantry Regiment of the 79th division killed in action in Normandy 72 years ago today. RIP.
  14. I'm not sure if you're aware or not but T5 Clifton being part of D company made the assault on Pointe Du Hoc with LT Col Rudder. He's listed as being killed in action most probably on the pointe as the LCA he landed on made it to shore. He would have been on one of the boat teams in LCA 860, LCA 668 or LCA 858. I hope that's of some help. Thanks for sharing these items.
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