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  1. @Ricardo - I hear you!!! Right now the display gets no sunlight so, it's OK. If it gets moced to a different spot a high quality scan will be made. @Jack's Son - another member pointed that out. The medal is now suspended from the acrylic mount by florest's wire, so no strain on the twill. Again - thanks ALL for the kind words!!!
  2. Got bored one day - The George is now on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faciat_Georgius
  3. First - I agree that the SVA has some major flaws in it. It's like so many other laws of the land that its intentions were great, the implimentation is really bad and can be gotten around very easily. However, in the case of folks lying about being active or former military - it has a very good & solid application; by arresting someone under the SVA for impersonation it allows the investigation into other, more serious offenses. And that is what we are talking about here - it's not about "lying" per se, it is impersonation which is a type of fraud. Granted - there are certain times
  4. Nice research! He lived to see first flight to the birth of modern Naval Aviation.
  5. I post this simply as a "heads up" for youse guys! http://cgi.ebay.com/VIETNAM-WAR-US-USMC-ME...=item3f012de0c4
  6. Hi All! Three more finds from the Rupertus Family: The top blade is marked "CAMILLUS, NY". The other two are marked: US CAMILLUS, NY There are no other markings on the blade or guard. The pommels are fixed. The whet stone in the top piece is complete, but broken. THe markings are: C280 PV PRODUCT BY NORTON PIKE The stone is grey with yellow letters. Pat Rupertus was a USMC pilot, but switched to USAF Reserve for about a month after he was told he would be flying a desk (at least - that's how the story goes). Comments & info are always welcomed especial
  7. Yeah - Grandpas will do that to "Experts." Fantastic collection, well displayed and cared for. Nice job.
  8. Viking e-mailed me pictures on the Navy display - that's my Pop's stuff!!!!! It was hard to reply as I could suddenly not see the keyboard clearly. I am so proud to see his legacy preserved & in a place where our hinored Vets can share in it.
  9. A wonderful group. Thanks for sharing and for your family's service.
  10. Sweet! I had the great fortune to be invited ouit to a shoot with a firearms collector. Once we were done with 20 or so hand guns, we brought ot the .50 sniper, the SAW & the BAR. 3 shots each - ZOMG!!! Those things rattles the trees! Sadly - no Tommy. That is one sweet looking SMG you have there. Thanks for the pics!!!
  11. The firing range I belong to raffles off rifles with all proceeds going to these guys. The last two rifles were a Thompson .45 cal and Durganov sniper rifle. $5. And that is one SWEET ornament!!!!
  12. Now, if I can get Girl Child to go Marines, I can pass on my Father Inlaw's sword! :pinch:
  13. Now, Pops was Ma's second husband. Her first (LT Thomas A. Banta, USNA) died when his catapult failed. However, she kept his sword. Note the difference in size between the 1940's sword (bottom) and the 1950's sword (top). The Banta sword will be given to a NROTC Cadet that can't afford his/her own.
  14. The Spring Semester (2009-2010 school year) markes the time when my Son can start to wear a sword to special occasions at Virginia Tech. As he is in NROTC, he is allowed to carry a USN sword. What better sword to carry than my Dad's? Dad never had it engraved so I did. The two lines read: RICHARD W. BATES USNA 1948B PATRICK W. BATES VTCC 2011
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