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  1. I wouldn't get too excited about the AAAO.
  2. I got this helmet from an estate picker some years ago and have missed it ever since the day I sold it to Steve. It's a real beauty and undoubtedly authentic. I hope you enjoy it as much as Steve and I did.
  3. Is it too late for me to say "meh" on this one?
  4. Saw this article today, my mind immediately went to helmets. Wouldn't it be nice to just x-ray our lids and see everything that's underneath? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-15018174
  5. An X-51 helmet and liner set sold on eBay last year for almost $1,000.
  6. Thanks Steve. That's a great resource. Given the availability and price of originals, I do plan on using an original chain. I would love some early brass colored Army dog tags though.
  7. Does anybody reproduce or sell NOS dog tags of the early brass colored variety?
  8. I'm making a film and am in need of custom stamped dog tags in the early style with next of kin. If anybody can link me to a reputable dealer who does quality and authentic work, it would be of great help. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working right now but I'll try again later. I found replica Garands for around $250, but I'm not sure of the quality and realism.
  10. I am shooting a film in the near future and need three prop M-1 Garands. Getting a real one is not an option due to price and laws. I do have a permit, but I will be shooting at different locations and getting permits will be very difficult if live firearms will be on the scene. If anybody has any recommendations of where I can find decent prop guns, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. Personally, I don't think there's a chance in hell this one is real, but let's see what everybody else think.s
  12. Helmets with welded insignia are tricky. I've had a number of them in my collection over the years, and most had some sort of burning around the insignia. I did have one major's helmet that seemed to have been applied with some sort of resin or adhesive. I also have a major general's helmet that was indeed welded on, but done so very carefully as to not burn the paint around the stars. The lack of burning around the cross wouldn't be enough for me to say this helmet is no good. However, how does everybody feel about the cross itself? Does this look like one anybody has ever seen before, or did
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