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  1. Agreed! The M65 is hands-down the most wearable piece of vintage militaria. Built tough as nails and looks darn good when sized right! I think it gets the cold shoulder alot because good condition, wearable sizes seem to be as rare as hen's teeth; while tent-sized, overworn M65s are a dime a dozen, not to mention they were everywhere 20 years ago. Anyhow, if anyone has any US Gov issued ephemera/information on it, that would be great, sooo... smoke 'em if you got 'em! Ps a cursory search of the M65 on the google-machine conjures all sorts of fashion websites redigesting the Alpha I
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for any official documentation of the M-65 field jacket; ideally a scan or images from an official supply catalog from the 60s. Greatly appreciate if anyone has come across any information or has any archived. I'm kind of stunned by how little M65 info there is on USMF (and the internet in general)! Anyhow would love to put together some official information on it; any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. So I recently whipped out a wonderful deadstock WEP jacket I had in the closet. I was admiring how it managed to evade the holes by moths along the wool knits after it's 50+ year history. Lulled into a sense of confidence by it's like new-condition, and my own confidence that I could wear it carefully.. I did so. After wearing it I identified three holes on one cuff, and three/four along the neck. My conclusion: the cuff that received the most amount of stress on taking off the jacket, the cuff i would use to start taking off the jacket, had developed holes from this effort. Appare
  4. I considered Velcro, but it still sorta begs the question -- seeing as I'd need to sew-on the velcro receiving panel hah. But I appreciate the response, Bearmon... I know regular twill,etc can bounce back to life once something has been removed, but nylon is a bit different it seems. My suspicion is that the nylon threads don't quite get outta the way, the way cotton does when being sewed. But rather breaks, leaving clear blemishes behind upon removal... Anyhow, any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hi all - I was hoping for a quick point in the right direction. Pulled my 'WEP' jacket out of the closer recently and was figuring I'd give it a new lease on life and wear it around. I was hoping to remove a patch that's been on for quite a while, and then add another to it. My concern is -- and this is where you guys come in -- can anyone speak as to the damage that's done to the nylon by adding/removing a patch? I'm afraid to remove my old sew-on and leave a circular tattered and pockmarked trail of holes where the patch once was, and possibly create more of the same should I add my curr
  6. Reviving this old thread... Anyone have a picture or seen an image of a 'WEP' jacket in the context of a complete display around here? I've been trying to find one for reference to understand what else was standard to the Winter / Flying "configuration"... Can't seem to find anything anywhere... [head scratching]
  7. Thanks Sparty On - seeing it now; would've never caught that on my own
  8. Awesome find. I've been on the hunt for a pair of these for a while. @littlebuddy - what are the tube vents you're referring to? I'm familiar with AO, but trying to educate myself alittle on their non-aviator stuff. Thanks!
  9. whoa that's some enviable NOS goodness. I'm impressed you were able to open the box without all the tape going to hell. Looks great though, thanks for sharing
  10. They did a great job of it! I'm not a huge Leboeuf fan, but seems he pretty much nailed the look of a near-broken man. Ps awesome finishing and artificial aging on that jacket - woulda fooled me!
  11. Holy dedication. At least it'll keep you warm at night...
  12. That's a pretty perfect repair - great seamwork. Does your repair guy deal primarily with vintage items? I ask, as I may be needing a reference for a vintage item that requires old fashioned chain stitching, machines for the job. Please PM if you'd be willing to pass along his contact info!
  13. Ah I saw Halazone written in the picture, but didn't realize the two were one and the same
  14. What type of field jacket are we looking at anyhow? If you're talking one of M65 field jackets chunky zippers, I'd give you the heads up that that's almost characteristic of that zipper type.
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