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  1. Admiral James O. Richardson (Texas); CMS, Span-Am War #39, Philippine Insurrection #71, WWI #66 confirmed on box of issue and with UDC roster Military Show Montgomery, AL LTC (Dr.) Myron Shelby Jared (Missouri); CMS WWII # 4294 presented by Washington State UDC Chapter Robert E. Lee Estate and UDC roster Dan H. Ligon (North Carolina); CMS WWII #3370 UDC roster ebay Joseph W. Daniel Jr. (Virginia); CMS Korean War #181 presented by North Carolina UDC Chapter Stonewall Jackson 220 UDC roster ebay SGT Embree Bennette White III (Virginia); CMS Vietnam War #60 Served as LRRP
  2. We will have remaining early US campaign medals from Garth's collection including a named China Expedition medal, Purple Hearts and Imperial German. We are located along the Front Wall at 34 & 35. Look forward to a great show and seeing old and new friends. Mike
  3. Thanks for the paragraph. Appreciated. ordered the book and look forward to reading about Squadron.
  4. 06 AUG 45 A/C: PB4Y-1 Location: East of Korea Strike: Yes BUNO: Unknown Cause: Anti-aircraft fire from a Japanese tanker east of Korea and crashed into the ocean two miles away with no survivors found, all presumed killed. WebSite: The George and Eleanor Wack Family http://imps.mcmaster.ca/wackfamily-public/documents/uncle-toms-memoir/ [01OCT2007] The twelve members of Crew 6, "Bachelor's Delight," shot down on 6 August 1945 by anti-aircraft fire from a Japanese tanker east of Korea and crashed into the ocean two miles away with no survivors found, all presumed killed: Henry Baier, Jr., Ensi
  5. Guys, happy to present another Missouri related medal group. The group includes a copy of the official file including medal citations and photo. Ensign Keith W. Radcliffe, USN MIA 5 August 1945 declared dead 6 August 1946 Kirkwood, Missouri Ensign Radcliffe enlisted in the Navy Reserve in May 1942. In May ’44 he was commissioned and reported for pilot training. He graduated as a Naval Aviator with assignment as co-pilot/navigator with Patrol Bomber Squadron 109 (VPB-109). Reporting on 3 October 1944. VPB 109 flying PBY4-2 Privateer conducted combat operations in the vicinity of the Ph
  6. Congrats on your find. Always nice to put a picture of the service member. Well done!
  7. Pvt. Everett Hegstrom, HQ, 2 Bn 501st PIR KIA morning of 7 June during assault on Carentan. Hegstrom was from Buchanan County near St. Joseph. His remains were repatriated and he is buried next to his mother. Found at the Atlanta Military show. A Purple Heart to a Missouri paratrooper KIA Normandy has long been searched for. An added plus, the medal is to a 501st paratrooper a battalion I was CSM of 50 years after his death. Next time I visit home I will visit their grave paying my respects. RIP paratrooper. Mike
  8. Marvin welcomed me when I joined ASMIC a few years ago. I enjoyed listening to his stories. Rest in Peace.
  9. I, too. Saw a trailer yesterday and liked what I saw.
  10. Thanks to Shawn, fellow forum member, I added this Air Medal to the collection. Assistance in locating Edward's Purple Heart much appreciated. Edward R. Jones: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/94312337/edward-r-jones Jefferson City, MO. B-17F downed by FW-190 and FLAK over Munster, Germany. Left, kneeling in the photo. 42-30734 (100th BG, 351st BS, "Slightly Dangerous") shot down by Hptm. Walter Hoeckner in Fw 190A-6 and flak at Munster, Germany Oct 10, 1943. MACR 1023. 3 KIA, 7 POW. 42-30734 was a B-17F 351ST SQDN.. CREW JOINED THE 100TH IN AUGUST 1943, A VERY EARLY R
  11. Thanks guys for all the comments. Gary, your wish is my command:)) Mike
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