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  1. me i have been doing WW2 now for 7 years and loveing it 2nd rangers ..but am now wanting to do nam as a side line at 2/3 events a year that my ranger group dont do .and that are near me ..yes and prices are starting to rocket up in the things i have been wacthing
  2. hello everyone .. whats the best repo tigers ya can get in the states or world wide to date whould everyone say ..i ahve seen a lot on ebay and been wacth ing a few ..one set sell for £38 total inc shipping so am leaning that way as cash is tight ..have just started doing LRRPS .i have been wanting to do nam for a while now ..have been doing ww2 2nd rangers for the last 7 years and this will be a side line for me ..only have a few bits to date ,,and only want to know more about the nam side of things andy
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