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  1. In this photo Dad is on the far right. In this one, Dad is on the left with an unknown paratrooper.
  2. That one is a personal favorite of mine. It was given to me by a family member. Merle Mankey would later go on to serve with the 11th Airborne Division.
  3. Here is the one that i made for my son Imran. I displayed it while he was serving in Afghanistan. The components are all individually cut pieces, and are also on the reverse . I gave it to him when was discharged. We are very proud of him.
  4. Nice group. I especially like the one with the names. Do you know what communities these came from ?
  5. Here's some of my Marine Corps jackets.
  6. Some Army Air Corps B15a / C1 sustenance vest / B14 / 9th Engineers / 1st Pattern ETO
  7. An awesome group. Thank you for posting it.
  8. From left to right, M41 / M43 / Tanker / M42 / M38 / N1 / M41 winter type The jump jacket belonged to my Dad. Pfc Thomas J Sullivan Jr. Rigger 13th Airborne Division
  9. After looking at antique swimsuits on line. It appears to be just that. Thanks
  10. This view might help in making a more informed opinion.
  11. It's a seersucker Dress. I am currently looking for the correct buttons for it. it dates to around 1950?
  12. I developed these uniform stands around 12 years ago. I call them Stick People. Here is a link to their description.
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