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  1. jetteraf, Companies make these to sell to (a large majority) to clueless types, who think these will increase in value,AKA Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint garbage, And the MOd is correct , if you get an offer of even $3.00 take the money and run
  2. Patriot 100% correct.in assessment. Chin strap wrong/leather wrong/buckle on strap wrong.U.S. WAY wrong.
  3. Just do like me, make your own shelves to match a space.A;ll my German/Japanese lids are on other wall.Rest of my M-1's are in storage. Keep the display simple, and rotate your stock(helmets)
  4. Here is a white border, and the yellow bordered ones are all over the WWW also. Just a quick search on EBAY has hundreds of various makes/models varients of this modern Biker patch. I did a BIng search, type in varients of * USA Shield patch***, etc and hundreds of companies with these pop up, all llist retail for $4.95!!!!!!!!!
  5. Easy way...just post pic to your FB wall, news feed,profile, then click to save to *your pics* downsizes any pic , and then you can do it again to use as avatars on forums, where the size can be as small as 50x70(AHF among one.
  6. Could be a true WW2 Iwo relics, could also be nonsense. I have been dealing in militaria for over 40 years, and more crap WW2 want-a-be relics are in old vets collections, along with BS stories, than you really want to believe. And in harsh reality, with all the so called Iwo Vet bringback flags that have been offered for sale/shown at shows/posted on militaria forums, and add them up, must have been a Freaking warehouse full of them to be issued out to the INJ garrison. I have a whole pile of these standard WW2 era flags such as this, and no one would know any difference if I said they
  7. Told him NYET!!!!!! Not worth the his offered price of $150.00
  8. he is sending interiors now, he dsays he paid $250.00 in WGermany when he was stationed there. Will be tough to let him down easy!! he thinks it is a WW2 lid. Another clueless want-a- be collector
  9. Have been offered this, long distance from family member. Interior pic to follow, but based on these, the seam looks like a Germany constructed, and the leather strap is not correct, So my guess is German made. Right?
  10. Fake all the way.. Wait! Fantasy is more like it. Try Ridgeway/and SavageStation , then follow their links for a refresher course in POS Civil War relics, and Indian Wars era to alesser extent
  11. http://p38assn.org/ Try here.very fast on answers.Also have FB by same name.Follow various links. Have helped me on questions concerning relics
  12. Affiliated Auctions, just one of quite a few crap auction houses that post auctions on LiveAuctioneer and Proxi-Bid. Go to AHF for a list of the worst.(search) They KNOW what they are auctioning off, do not be fooled by any disclaimers or friends on forums building up their reps.
  13. Here is my desk-shelf space fillers. When I get tired of these, I re do my desk with TR(Third Reich) lids,When I get tired of Tr I re do my desk with Adlers (Eagles)
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